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Hello Welcome to your Last Week in Digital Media and all the news you may have missed: GENERAL rumors of Apple’s launching their own search engine continue to gain momentum, with the FT noting (paywalled) that Apple has been hiring search engineers and Apple’s own web crawler has been more actively seen on websites. There is also a little known change in iOS 14 where Apple uses its own search results when you query on the iPhone home screen. one interesting stat that emerged during the week (presented without comment on the content itself) is that Amazon Prime’s Borat movie ...
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Hello Thank you for your indulgence as I took a weekend away from the newsletter. Here’s your Last Week in Digital Media, a bumper edition with 2 weeks of news you may have missed: GENERAL retail media, like that offered by Amazon, Walmart, Roundel (Target), and CVS has been firmly over the past few weeks. Walmart’s VP running their ad division has recently left, as is the person in a similar position at Roundel (Target). Despite all of this, there still is a firm focus on the category, with a good write-up on Reuters on Walmart’s advertising ambitions (with or ...
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Hello Here’s your Last Week in Digital Media and all of the news you may have missed: GENERAL Spotify has debuted its own weekly music charts. The charts are initially US-only and an overall Global Chart, with local market charts planned for the future. Spotify has added the ability to search for songs by lyrics. Useful for all of us who think we know the lyrics but don’t know the name of the song. also from Spotify, they are introducing promo cards so that it’s easier for artists and podcasters to share their content and encourage people to listen to ...
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Hello Here’s your Last Week in Digital Media and the news you may have missed: GENERAL the competition of the TikTok-Oracle-Walmart deal continues to drag on, with speculation that the deal will not conclude until after the election. Facebook’s NPE team has made its crowdsourced prediction app “Forecast” publicly available in the US and Canada. You can check it out here. Google continues to double down on retail, now offering free listings on the shopping tab in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Google is also launching local services ads. Available in 10 countries (not the US), this ad unit ...
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Hello This is a special edition update of Last Week in Digital Media. TIKTOK As you may recall, a ruling was expected on the TikTok ban before the deadline at 11:59pm US ET on Sunday the 27th of September. The judge ruled in TikTok’s favor. This means that TikTok will still be available in the app store. Full details of the ruling here (PDF link). Joshua ...
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