Important Notice

  1. This is a formal notice for data scrapers, data aggregators, data brokers, data insights, data analytics, and similar companies collectively “Surveillance Capitalists”. For the removal of doubt, this notice is not intended to limit the definition to these companies listed as examples of Surveillance Capitalists and is to be interpreted as broadly as possible.
  2. This notice applies to but is not limited to,, and
  3. The scraping, aggregation, or collection of any data on this site or about individuals associated with this site for the purposes of republishing, sale, data enrichment, data collection, data aggregation, data sale, data insights, etc. is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to email addresses, phone numbers, social media handles, website addresses, etc.
  4. As a Surveillance Capitalist, you waive any claim to “fair use” and acknowledge that you understood these terms mean you have no rights to use this content or data. You acknowledge that the website owner is not obligated to block or otherwise restrict your access to this website.
  5. As a Surveillance Capitalist, you acknowledge that you accept these terms even if you scrape the content with manual or automated means such as bots, spiders, or other technologies and that it is your responsibility to comply with this notice.
  6. As a Surveillance Capitalist, you hereby acknowledge that if your company ingests, collects, scrapes, transforms, or otherwise uses any content or data that is on this website or about individuals associated with this site, in any form, whatsoever, you are in immediate violation of this notice.
  7. You hereby agree that it is the obligation of your organization, the Surveillance Capitalist, to comply with these terms and there is no obligation on the website owner to police, monitor, or enforce your failure to comply. This includes limiting your ability to access the site with a robots.txt file
  8. You hereby agree that if this website, while under no obligation to serve you notice, discovers that you have violated these terms, there is an immediate payment due of US$25,000, payable within 7 days of being served notice. This penalty applies regardless of whether you were served a request to remove the content or remove the content.
  9. You hereby agree that you will pay a penalty of US$1,000 per day for each day that any data or content from this website is in your systems, whether or not this data is publicly available or privately available. With a minimum penalty of US$100,000 due for any violation.
  10. You hereby agree to reimburse the website owner for all costs incurred in the enforcement of these rights. This includes but is not limited to, personal time, legal fees, research, travel, accommodation, and other expenses. You waive any right to counterclaim or sue the website owner and you are responsible for all your own costs.
  11. You hereby agree that these terms are legally binding and that by scraping data or content you have acknowledged receipt of this notice, waive all rights to mediation or trial, and acknowledge that any failure to comply puts you in breach of this notice. You accept that the terms and penalties are fair and reasonable.

Last Updated: Aug 7, 2023

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