I own the Remarkable 2 tablet. If you’re trying to make a decision about buying a Remarkable 2, I can definitely recommend it. The key benefit of the Remarkable is the distraction-free writing experience.

What in any other circumstance would be a limitation is actually a plus – no apps, no browser, no email. It has one purpose, to be the ultimate replacement for pen and paper but with the benefits of digital e.g. mark up PDFs, write, sketch – literally anything you can do on paper, but with the added ability to export it anywhere.

I own an iPad Pro and the Remarkable 2 is superior in every way. The Remarkable 2 feels like paper to write on. It’s hard to explain unless you actually experience it. It’s up there with the “wow! factor” I had when I first used a Kindle and was like “wow! this looks like paper!”. The Remarkable is similar “wow! this looks like paper and feels like writing on paper!”.

If you’re an owner of a Remarkable 2, this page summarizes some of my tips, tricks, and guides for the Remarkable 2 tablet.

I hope you find this page useful.

When Remarkable updated the software from v2 to v3+ they made a frustrating change that closes the file you have open when it goes to sleep. In v2, when your Remarkable went to sleep, it would wake on the same file you had open. The good news is you can have the same experience on your Remarkable running v3 software, it is a simple option change and an easy fix—no hack needed. This will ensure your Remarkable goes to the last open page when it returns from sleep! In your Remarkable Tablet, tap Settings. Tap Storage. Toggle "Sync before sleep" to off. You're done! I hope this helps someone else! PS. I'm not associated with Remarkable, but if you think ...
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Remarko is a native iOS app for managing sleep screens on your Remarkable. Customizing Remarkable sleep screens is a fun way to personalize your Remarkable. It's also a great security add-on - as you can put your name, address, and contact details on the sleep screen. But for real security, don't forget to also set a device PIN. I am not associated with the Remarko app. I am not the developer, so please don't ask for access or where to download it. Remarko is not yet publicly available and is in a very limited invite-only beta. No, I cannot get you on the beta test list. Sorry. When Remarko is available to download, I will update this post with details ...
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Short answer: Yes, so if you want, grab the Kindle Scribe tips here. They are marginally cheaper than the official tips. Long answer: Yes, the Kindle Scribe tips work on the official Remarkable Marker/pen as well as the LAMY pen. I prefer the LAMY pen. Longer answer: Yes, and the Kindle Scribe pen works too!  If you're interested in alternatives to the Remarkable pen, I have written up reviews based on my experience here. Kindle Scribe vs. Remarkable If you're looking for a comparison of the Kindle Scribe vs. the Remarkable Tablet, I wrote my thoughts here ...
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Short answer: Yes, so if you want, grab the Kindle Scribe pen here. The eraser on the Kindle Scribe premium pen works too with no hack required! It's cheaper than the official Remarkable Premium pen. It does feel lighter and cheaper than the official Remarkable pens. Long answer: Yes, and the Kindle Scribe magnetic attachment will work on your Remarkable. It's can attach a  little offset, but it works. The button on the Kindle Scribe pen doesn't work, but you can "fix" this by using the LAMY pen button hack. Details on how to do that are here. Longer answer: If you're interested in alternatives to the Remarkable pen, I have written up reviews based on my experience here. Kindle ...
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If you're after a free Remarkable calendar template for 2023, I recommend This creates a PDF calendar with hyperlinks, that you can use on your Remarkable tablet. You just write on the PDF as you would any other document. It's 100% free and has all the features you need: no hacks needed hyperlink dates multi-language support custom left or right-hand configuration custom special dates (mark birthdays, anniversaries, etc) 100% Free Please note calendar template is a free PDF calendar optimized for the Remarkable tablet. It's easy to use, just upload the PDF file to your Remarkable using the Remarkable App.  You can write on the PDF as if it was a template. I'm not associated with the project. It's ...
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