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2017.10.20 Last Week in Digital Media

Here’s all the news you may have missed: Perhaps the biggest news of the week is that there is now a bill before Congress to regulate political advertising on Facebook and Google in the same way as other media publishers. The bill (called the Honest Ads Act) is sponsored by representatives from both US political parties and would require disclosure… Read more →

2017.09.29 Last Week in Digital Media

Here’s the news from last week: twitter is testing 280 character limits for some users. If you’re not part of the official test, you can use some browser scripts to get access provided you are tweeting via the twitter.com website. Some brands have already started experimenting. (The above was all said in under 280 characters, it would have stopped at… Read more →

2017.09.22 Last Week in Digital Media

Here’s the news you may have missed : Instagram has added the ability to use face filters in live broadcasts. The feature is rolling out globally over the next few weeks. While no ad opportunities are available yet, it may prove useful for branding events where live streaming is popular (concerts, sports, festivals, etc). Google acquired part of HTC, a… Read more →

2017.04.28 Last Week in Digital Media

Onto the news you may have missed: Linked In hit 500million global members, up over 100million on a little over a year ago. Don’t forget Microsoft is looking to grow the ad products side of Linked In and as of January, you can also use DataSift to mine Linked In data. While Linked In’s growth is great, Instagram’s growth was more impressive, growing 100million in just a… Read more →

2017.04.21 Last Week in Digital Media

Given every week for the past month has started with brand safety, this week I’ll end on the topic instead. Facebook’s Global Developer Conference “F8” was held during the week in San Jose. In one sense, you got a real feel for the fact that Facebook is squaring off against Snapchat with constant references to “cameras” and “augmented reality”. That said, Facebook is… Read more →

2017.03.17 Last Week in Digital Media

Here’s what you may have missed: Facebook, who has relentlessly been copying Snapchat features has had to reverse that trend on WhatsApp. If you recall, a few weeks ago, WhatsApp status messages were replaced with a Snapchat-like story. This is being reversed in beta versions of the next release of WhatsApp (Forbes also has a write up about this). xAd (a Magna partner) announced this week… Read more →

2016.09.09 Last Week in Digital Media

While I was away: Facebook shared an intention to go after search dollars during their quarterly earnings call. This is not about Facebook becoming a search engine, but rather search-like ad products e.g. Lead Ads, which feature product inventory. eMarketer reports that Snapchat has 58.6M US users this year, with double-digit growth expected to continue. The article also has a handy timeline… Read more →