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2019.01.25 Last Week in Digital Media

Welcome to another update, here’s what you might have missed Last Week in Digital Media. GENERAL Mark Zuckerberg posted an Op-Ed on the WSJ titled “The Facts About Facebook“. The post has been criticized by some for being dismissive of the challenges and concerns faced over the past 12 months. However, there is a positive takeaway (paraphrasing) where Zuckerberg affirms… Read more →

2018.02.02 Last Week in Digital Media

Hope you had a good weekend, here’s the news you may have missed: GENERAL TapAd is exiting the media side of the ad industry, with the media business moving over to Brand Networks. TapAd will focus on their device graph, cross-device and identity products. Google’s acquisition of part of HTC completed during the week. Now that it has completed, expect… Read more →

2016.05.06 Last Week in Digital Media

Last week was the new/upfronts and the big news came from us via Magna and the announcement of a shift of $250M video spend to YouTube. A good signal to the marketplace that video has changed. Outside of our own news, there was an interesting undercurrent trend around “live” video – coming from Hulu, BuzzFeed and some rumors YouTube will offer a… Read more →