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Last Updated: February 2021

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Unsolicited Commercial Email aka SPAM Policy

If you contact me directly using any email address that I have either it is personal or professional, inclusive of my work email, with an Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) you hereby agree that I can invoice you and /or your organization for a minimum of US$250 of for each email you send. If your email contains an unsubscribe link, the minimum payment is US$500 for each email you send. If you do not pay the invoice within 7 days then you give me permission to publish your email address as a honeypot email for other spammers.

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This site uses Google, Bing, or DuckDuckGo Ads as part of the search function. I may receive a commission/fee for any ads you click on. I do not control the content of advertisements and if there is a problem or concern, you should contact the relevant search engine.

There may be affiliate links to Amazon or other sites if I recommend a book, some software, hardware, etc. I may receive a commission/fee for any items you buy or services you sign up for.

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