Tips: Verizon G3100 Compatible Network Switch

I was an early adopter of the Verizon G3100 router and as a WiFi mesh router, it’s great. However, you’re limited to only 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports. This can be a bit limiting because in a smart home it doesn’t take much to run out of ethernet ports.  We have a smart TV, a console, a smart hub, and an Apple TV and boom – no more spare ports. This is where a Network Switch can come in handy (and this has nothing to do with Nintendo). I’m sharing this in the hope it helps others.

Best Verizon G3100 Network Switch

If you’re after a plug and play easy to use way to add additional ethernet ports to your Verizon G3100, then buying a network switch will save your life. I have been happily using the Netgear GS308 (it’s under US$25 on Amazon) to get additional ports. I recommend the GS308 because it’s an unmanaged switch, meaning you just plug and play and you’re done. No configuration, no software, apps, etc. I have also had zero compatibility issues across my network.

Important to Know

If you’re using a Network Switch you lose 1 port on each device, this means your G3100 will have 3 spare ports and if you get the 8 port Netgear GS308 you technically will only have 7 new extra ports, because one is used for the uplink. This is why it’s always to buy a switch with more ethernet ports than you need, at least 3 more, so you also have room to grow your network.

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps you!