If we meet or talk I may recommend a website, tool, or book to you. This is an attempt to summarize everything on one page. If you find an outdated link, please let me know.

Important Note: If you own, operate, or publish anything I link to, please contact me BEFORE you want to add me as a someone who endorses you, testimonial, etc. This list is provided as a courtesy to family, friends, and colleagues typically not for you to quote me in marketing material.

The list is organized by category heading and is not in order of importance.

Here’s a list of services, tools and other things I recommend:


  • Terms of Service: Didn’t Read
    Don’t read Terms of Service / Terms & Conditions? This scores a site and terms/privacy policies.
  • Privacy Badger
    From the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) automatically blocks trackers.
  • Ghostery
    Lets you identify and block cookies on a website. You don’t need to pay for the premium version.
  • Click & Clean aka HotCleaner
    Removes cookies and other trackers from your browser when you close it.
  • Google Analytics Opt-out
    A plug-in that stops Google analytics being able to track you on websites.
  • Brave Browser
    This browser website tracking and ads by default. You earn tokens for viewing ads that can then be donated to publishers (or cashed-out).
  • EFF Surveillance Self Defense
    The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has a useful primer on surveillance self-defense and what you can do to protect yourself.
  • Temporary / Disposable Email
    If you need a temporary, disposable email address try 10MinuteMail, Mailinator, or Nada.
    Of if you have your own domain, you can set up your own disposable mail system at Mailsac
    Some websites are “smart” and get that you’re using a disposable email address, so you may need to try multiple providers.

If you’re more technically inclined, and really want to lock down your privacy, you might want to build yourself a Pi-Hole. You will need to get a Raspberry Pi first. You can either use this cheaper Raspberry Pi W or I really recommend the Raspberry Pi 4. You will then need to download and install the free Pi-Hole software.

If you want to know which privacy laws apply to you (as both a person and as a business), I recommend the DLA Piper’s Data Protection Laws of the World.


Security Plugins

  • Bitwarden
    An open-source password manager. Free and premium versions available.
  • LastPass
    A popular password manager. Free and premium versions available.
  • Password Check
    Let’s you know if the website/your account was in a data breach.

Coupons / Cashback

  • Rakuten (aka eBates)
    Previously known as eBates, get cashback on sites when you make a purchase. Note, cookies and ads MUST be on for it to work.


  • FlatIcon
    Free vector (flat) icons you can use in presentations, etc. attribution required. This is 100x better than a Google image search for an icon.
  • SkyFonts
    A free tool for managing fonts (including Google fonts). A lifesaver if you have ever had a presentation look awful because fonts didn’t install.
  • Fonteer
    If you need to install Google Fonts on an iPhone or iPad, this app is what you need.

Lifehacks / Utilities


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  • NewsGuard
    Identifies if a news website is quality journalism has had both accuracy and accountability.

Share Trading

  • Robinhood
    Free share trading platform. You also get 1 free stock when you sign up worth at least $5, so worth signing up just for that.

Useful Browser Plugins

  • ReaderView (Chrome)
    If you like the Reader View available on your mobile browser, this gives you that functionality on Chrome. Great if you need to print a web page or want to copy/paste it to an email.
  • AutoRefresh
    Reloads a website but can automatically stop it once a change occurs (great for when you’re waiting for ticket sales to open or a scheduled price drop).


  • XKCD
    A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.

Whimsical / Fun

Reading List

This is a list of books I recommend, this list updates from time to time and titles can be deleted.

  • The Age of Surveillance Capitalism
    Shoshana Zuboff
    Examination of the unprecedented form of power called “surveillance capitalism,” and the quest by powerful corporations to predict and control our behavior.
  • The Fifth Risk
    Michael Lewis
    What are the consequences if the people given control over our government have no idea how it works?
  • Last Week in Digital Media
    Joshua Lowcock
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