Joshua Lowcock is the inventor of US Patent US20060101492 “Mobile Television Reminder Alert“. It was invented in 2002.

The patent is also published under CA2501937EP1552695, and EP1552695A1.

As per the patent extract:

The present invention discloses a reminder system for prospective viewers of broadcast television programmes. Those prospective viewers having access to a mobile phone can send an SMS message via a public telephone network and request a return SMS message be sent to their mobile phone just prior to the broadcast commencing. The system and method can be modified to utilize emails, and/or fixed phone 1900 prefix services.

It’s interesting to know that I invented this idea 5 years before the iPhone – so I was thinking of mobile well before it became as ubiquitous as today.

If you’re interested in reading the full patent, a copy is on Google Patents.

The image helps describe the patent, as it shows much of the technology I have worked with in my career: mobile, servers, and TV.

Lowcock Patent US20060101492

The patent has been cited in a host of other patents from companies such as Research in Motion (Blackberry), Warner Bros, Qualcomm, Qualcomm, AT&T, and Sprint.

No, I do not receive royalties and have not become rich because of the patent. All rights were assigned to my employer at the time, Nine Network Australia. Nine subsequently abandoned the patent.

I’m not the only inventor in the Lowcock family. A long distant relative held a patent for the Lowcock Plough.

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