I don’t claim to be famous or important, but if you are interested in me I do hold US Patent 20060101492, Mobile Television Reminder Alert. In answer to your unspoken question, no I am not rich and did not make money from it. Although it has been referenced by the likes of AT&T, Sprint, Research in Motion (aka Blackberry), Qualcomm, Warner Bros, and others.

Mike McColl-Jones, an Australian comedy writer, was kind enough to thank me in a book he wrote about Australian TV personality and comedian Graham Kennedy AO. I had the good fortune to work for a television broadcaster for a few years, which is where I met Mike.

I wrote a book based on the war diary of a relative who was a Prisoner of War. People are often surprised, given it’s far removed from my day-to-day life in media and technology. But I really do enjoy researching family history and consider myself the un-official Lowcock Family Historian.

In my professional life, I am occasionally quoted or mentioned in the media. I serve on the board of a few companies, and I am on the industry advisory board of a few others. I’m on social media, but most active on X (twitter). As this is a personal website, if you need to talk to me for business reasons, please use Linked In.

My family and I currently live in the United States.

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