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Marketers have the power to fix media imbalances

This article was originally published on Campaign Asia, February 19, 2021. Facebook’s decision on February 17 to ban Australians from posting and sharing content from both Australian domestic and international news sites has far-reaching implications. The catalyst for the decision is in response to Australia’s proposed Media Bargaining Code, expected to pass into law within days. Similar laws, modeled off Australia’s code, are being considered in the UK and Canada. The ban did not turn into a PR win for Facebook. Unsurprisingly, Australian media outlets decried the move and Facebook’s poor implementation saw Australian Government Departments, public health services, charities, and even retail pages were ...
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Works! How To Paste website address links (URLs) as Plain Text in Windows 10

Important I am not a Microsoft employee or affiliated with them, and this is my personal experience. This is super easy but I don’t provide technical support. If you find this helpful had success and want to say thanks, please buy me a coffee or take a look at my book on Amazon. It keeps this page ad-free. Thank you! Microsoft made a change to Microsoft Edge (Chromium) so that when you paste website address links from Edge to other programs instead of pasting the full website URL as plain text it pastes it as a hyperlink with the title of the website ...
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Recipe: Classic Australian Rack of Lamb

If you're from Australia or New Zealand, you probably love a classic rack of lamb. Here's a simple recipe from my Mum (thanks Mum) that works in US gas ovens. Cooking Time ~ 2 hours I recommend letting the rack of lamb get to room temperature first to get the best result. Pre-Heat Oven to 425 F (~220C) Diamond-Cut / Score the Lamb. Season with Coarse Salt and optionally coarsely chopped mint. Season with Olive Oil Stand up lamb, interlocking the bones on an oven tray with a raised rack. Reduce oven temperature to 400F (~200C) and put Lamb in ...
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Review: Ten Generations by Mark Lowcock

If you're a friend or follower of this website, you know that my hobby is researching Lowcock family history. I even published a book about a relative who was a POW in World War II. So I was a little excited when Sir Mark Lowcock, the Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, announced he had published a book called "Ten Generations: A Family Story of Rags to Riches". Interested in supporting the #COVID response? All proceeds from my book support @savechildrenuk’s and @SavetheChildren’s COVID work: — Mark Lowcock (@UNReliefChief) January 26, 2021 With proceeds from the book ...
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Works! How to Restore Microsoft Edge (Chromium) Missing Desktop Icon

Important I am not a Microsoft employee or affiliated with them, and this is my personal experience. This is super easy but if you are not comfortable doing this, do not proceed as I don’t provide technical support, accept liability, or a warranty. If you find this helpful had success and want to say thanks, please buy me a coffee or take a look at my book on Amazon. It keeps this page ad-free. Thank you! If you use Microsoft One Drive to sync multiple computers there can be a random issue where the Windows 10 Microsoft Edge short icon either the Edge ...
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Review: Time Twister by Ged Maybury

the Back Cover of Time Twister Jason, his brother Troy and their sister Helena discover that they possess the gift of time travel. Through the Time Twister Video game, they learn that they can use their powers in carrying out an important mission which will prevent the wrong future from coming to pass -- one that would endanger their father. - courtesy of the National Library of New Zealand  my thoughts on Time Twister authored by Ged Maybury I randomly got to thinking about the book "Time Twister" by New Zealand author Ged Maybury just the other day. I read ...
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Guide: Castle Wolfenstein C64 Escape Scene

If you have ever wondered, this is the final scene of Castle Wolfenstein when you escape the aforementioned castle. This the Commdore 64 (C64) scene. In this screenshot, I made it out in uniform but without the war plans. Castle Wolfenstein was and really is still such a great game. I remember the first time I made it out and I was ecstatic. Thank you to the late Silas Warner and MUSE for all the great memories ...
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Guide: Castle Wolfenstein C64 Instructions

Important I am not affiliated with any of the products and companies listed in this review. I also can’t provide you with technical support if you get stuck. If you find this helpful and want to say thanks, please buy me a coffee. It keeps this page ad-free. Thank you! Welcome to CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN Mate, the internet brought you here to get instructions out of me... One of my favorite games of all time is Castle Wolfenstein originally for the Commodore 64 (C64). Castle Wolfenstein is a stealth game. It is one of the first stealth games and somewhat defines the stealth ...
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