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Last Week in Digital


2019.03.15 Last Week in Digital Media

A Happy St Patrick's Day and welcome to another last week in digital media. GENERAL The internet turned 30 this week. It's OK if you forgot to get it an eCard, you could be like Stephen Colbert and give it all your data instead, If you're after a retrospective, the Verge published their favorite memories from A-Z. Facebook made changes to the way they report metrics. Facebook's metric changes are detailed in this blog post, One change is Facebook will provide more details around ad relevance, helping you understand factors that influence ad performance. This change will be rolling out over ...
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2019.03.08 Last Week in Digital Media

Here's your latest issue of Last Week in Digital Media and the news you may have missed: GENERAL Google Ad Manager will move to first priced auctions by the end of this year. This is relevant (and news) because first priced auction offers more fee transparency. If you want to learn more about the broader implications for first priced acitions, there's a great 2018 MAGNA report on programmatic that goes into specifics. In the lead up to SXSW, foursquare has released "hypertrending" which reveals real-time data on what's trending in Austin. The services takes data not only from foursquare's own ...
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2019.03.01 Last Week in Digital Media

Here's the last week in digital media. GENERAL Adobe has released a study on the state of Voice Assistants (slideshare). Of note, the study claims that 1/3 of consumers find voices ads to be more engaging and less intrusive than other forms of advertising. Pandora has launched Pandora Stories, a format designed for artists to create playlists with additional voice commentary. The format may also be of interest to brands who could work with artists to create a branded profile/interview experience (see this playlist for an inspiration). Sponsored Ads are coming to Amazon Fresh (Amazon's Prime-Only Grocery service). Available as Sponsored Product campaigns, ...
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2019.02.22 Last Week in Digital Media

Yes, it's another Last Week in Digital Media "The Late Edition" as I have missed my usual late Sunday afternoon publishing deadline. I couldn't miss this week given all the news around Brand Safety, so starting with that news first. BRAND SAFETY Reader Advisory: The news related to this most recent YouTube incident includes references to predatory behavior and disturbing content. All links are to relevant editorial or news coverage only, but reader discretion is advised. On Monday (2/18) a reddit post by Matt Watson identified predatory behavior on YouTube targeting preteens. Watson also made a YouTube video summarizing his ...
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2019.02.15 Last Week in Digital Media

Here's your Last Week in Digital Media. GENERAL Apple is rumored to be close to launching a Netflix-style magazine subscription service (off the back of the Texture acquisition last year). Reports put it at being announced this March. The WSJ reports (paywall) that Apple will be seeking to take a 50/50 split on the subscriptions which publishers are resisting. There is no word on what the ad experience will be like for users paying for a subscription. There's an interesting article on Axios that reports alcohol sales are declining with Millennials and Gen Z based on an increasing health conscious focus. It's also interesting to ...
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2019.02.08 Last Week in Digital Media

Here's your weekly dose of Last Week in Digital Media, here's what you might have missed. GENERAL The Spotify rumor from last week was confirmed. with Spotify acquiring Gimlet Media and also Anchor.  This gives Spotify a significant leg up and lead in owned and non-owned original content. In a blog post by Spotify founder, Daniel Ek, he outlines an expectation that 20% of Spotify listening will eventually be non-music content. Facebook turned 15 years old during the week and Zuckerberg posted an update reflecting on how the company has grown and the challenges it faces. Zuckerberg did gloss over the ...
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2019.02.01 Last Week in Digital Media

An earlier edition of Last Week in Digital Media in an attempt to get your attention before the Super Bowl (or Superb Owl, as Google might have you believe). Here's the news you may have missed: GENERAL Hulu is working on a new pause-based advertising unit available in Q2 of this year. The ad unit appears more like a banner, on the right side of the screen with Hulu taking steps to address concerns around viewability, user-experience, and brand safety. Charmin and Coca-Cola are early adopters of the ad unit. After Buzzfeed's round of layoffs it emerged that one of ...
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2019.01.25 Last Week in Digital Media

Welcome to another update, here's what you might have missed Last Week in Digital Media. GENERAL Mark Zuckerberg posted an Op-Ed on the WSJ titled "The Facts About Facebook". The post has been criticized by some for being dismissive of the challenges and concerns faced over the past 12 months. However, there is a positive takeaway (paraphrasing) where Zuckerberg affirms "important principles around data are transparency, choice, and control ... (and) ... regulation that codifies these principles across the internet would be good for everyone". It's the first time Zuckerberg has publicly come out in support of regulation vs industry self-regulation. Media ...
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