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Guide: How to get free plays on Nintendo Badge Arcade after March, 2023

Nintendo shut down the Nintendo 3DS eShop as of March 27th. As part of the shutdown, Nintendo Badge Arcade on the 3DS stopped giving away free plays on or around March 23rd, 2023. BUT! Don't despair! As of writing, you can still get free plays on Nintendo Badge Arcade on your 3DS There's no need to hack or jailbreak your Nintendo 3DS, just follow these steps. Launch Nintendo Badge Arcade Press the Left shoulder trigger button until you get to a screen called "Practice Catcher". In practice catcher, you get 5 attempts to catch the wooden practice badges. If you catch ...
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Guide: How to enable Bluetooth on your Stadia Controller + Bluetooth Pairing

I was an early adopter of Google Stadia. I literally pre-ordered Stadia as soon as it was available, so the shutdown of Google Stadia was a hard pill to swallow. At least Google did the right thing and refunded the hardware purchase, but the redeeming thing Google has done is made it easy to unlock the Stadia controller to use as a standard Bluetooth controller. To enable Bluetooth on your Stadia controller is easy and unlocks the ability to use your Stadia controller anywhere. The process takes less than 3 minutes, requires some funky button keypresses, and is irreversible (but ...
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Guide: Moving your PC? The best expandable packing foam for Gaming PCs

If you own a Desktop PC or Gaming Rig, whether it is a custom-built rig or something off-the-shelf, you more than likely have an expensive graphics card and other components. If you want to protect the internals of your gaming PC when you move, prevent your graphics card from moving, and just keep everything secure you need expandable packing foam. Why should you use expandable packing foam inside your gaming PC when you move? It's no secret that modern graphics cards are heavy, very heavy - even when just sitting still under your desk, the weight of a graphics card ...
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Fix: Add Device to your Microsoft Account / Accidentally Deleted Device from Microsoft Account

If you accidentally clicked "Remove device" in your Microsoft Account and need to add it back again, it's easy to fix. This solution worked for me on my Windows 11 PC and it should work for you too. It only takes 2-3 minutes to fix, no need for serial numbers, etc. and it's easy enough for anyone to fix. Click Start / Windows Logo. Click Settings, then Privacy & Security. (or you can type "Find my device" and launch these settings.) Turn "Find my device" to Off. Log out. If you're not sure how to log out, restarting is OK ...
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Guide: How To Turn Off WiFi on Optimum the GR140DG Router

It's no secret the Optimum GR140DG Router sucks (also known as the Altice FGW-GR140DG) and you're better off using your own router (I used Eero before switching to Ubiquiti). If you want to use your own modem with Optimum Fiber, you need to get Optimum to switch your GR140DG to bridge mode and turn off WiFi. I would recommend having bridge mode enabled and your new WiFi router ready to go before you do these steps. Why would you want to disable WiFI on your Optimum Router? If you want to use your own router, avoid having to double NAT, ...
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Fix: How to stop Remarkable closing file when it goes to sleep

When Remarkable updated the software from v2 to v3+ they made a frustrating change that closes the file you have open when it goes to sleep. In v2, when your Remarkable went to sleep, it would wake on the same file you had open. The good news is you can have the same experience on your Remarkable running v3 software, it is a simple option change and an easy fix—no hack needed. This will ensure your Remarkable goes to the last open page when it returns from sleep! In your Remarkable Tablet, tap Settings. Tap Storage. Toggle "Sync before sleep" ...
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Remarko: iOS App for your Remarkable Tablet (Review)

Remarko is a native iOS app for managing sleep screens on your Remarkable. Customizing Remarkable sleep screens is a fun way to personalize your Remarkable. It's also a great security add-on - as you can put your name, address, and contact details on the sleep screen. But for real security, don't forget to also set a device PIN. I am not associated with the Remarko app. I am not the developer, so please don't ask for access or where to download it. Remarko is not yet publicly available and is in a very limited invite-only beta. No, I cannot get ...
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Casio DW-H5600: A Hybrid Classic Casio G-Shock Watch

First of all, the Casio DW-H5600 is not available yet. According to several sources, it's rumored for release around April 2023. As soon as it drops, I will update this post. I'm summarizing all of the information I have found from trawling through various sites and searching various trademark and patent databases. From what is known,  there will be two versions of the Casio DW-H5600. A base (all resin) edition and a premium (resin-metal) edition. Here's what's rumored: full resin body (base edition) hybrid resin-metal (premium edition) swappable metal bezel (premium edition) MIP (Memory in Pixel) Display (similar to the ...
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