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Recent Blog Posts

Play.Date Console General Tips

Hello fan! I am an early adopter of the console by Panic. By early adopter, I mean Group 1 shipping. I haven't had so much fun and have been this excited about a console since I first started using computers. So if you're on the fence about getting one, do it, you won't be disappointed. Here are some general tips for owners based on my own trial and error: LED light meanings How to backup your (games, game saves) How to calibrate the crank How to fix a frozen/crashed / force restart your ...
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A List of Useful Sites and More for Mechanical / Traditional Watch Owners

I inherited a love and appreciation for traditional watches from my Dad.  A traditional watch, whether automatic or even quartz, is just a thing of beauty. I definitely have a champagne taste and a lemonade wallet when it comes to watches (ha!). So if you're like me, and love watches and just want a list of useful sites and apps that will help deepen your appreciation for watchmaking, watches, and horology, then read on. I have also included links to useful apps and tools for watch owners. I hope you find this useful. Apps Watchville (iOS only) If you own ...
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Everything happens for a reason…

Everything happens for a reason ...
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How to install the LAMY Al-Star Pen Button Eraser Hack on the Remarkable 2

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to get the button on the LAMY Al-Star EMR pen to work as an eraser on the Remarkable 2. The steps to do this are relatively easy and will be safe for most people and take under 10min total. I don't take responsibility if you break something and can't provide support. That all said, I have done this and it worked for me, so sharing for others. I am not associated with the hack, Remarkable, or LAMY. If you're trying to make a decision about using the LAMY EMR pen with your Remarkable ...
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Guide: ASUS TUF 17″ Laptop (FX706HEB) Memory and SSD Upgrade Tips

The ASUS TUF Gaming 17.3" laptop (Model FX706HEB) is a good entry-to-mid-level gaming laptop. If you're looking to buy an ASUS TUF laptop, I got mine from Best Buy. The 2022 ASUS TUF comes with an 11th Generation i5 processor and a 3050TI video card that retails for under US$1000 (plus tax). The specs on the ASUS TUF are good enough for most recent games, but what makes the ASUS TUF great is that you can upgrade the memory and SSD/NVMe drive yourself, there's even a slot for a second SSD/NVMe drive. I'm sharing my upgrades tips from my ASUS ...
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Guide: Setup Kensington VeriMark USB FingerPrint Reader on Windows 11 (Works!)

I recently purchased an ASUS TUF Gaming Laptop (Model ASUS TUF F17 FX706HEB) and I am really happy with the purchase. The 17" 144Hz screen is perfect for gaming on the go and ASUS makes it easy to upgrade parts (more on that in another post). The only thing I miss is having a fingerprint reader for Windows Hello. This is why I purchased the Kensington VeriMark USB Fingerprint Key Reader from Amazon. I got my VeriMark FingerPrint reader for about US$30 thanks to a coupon code and while there are cheaper "no-name" alternatives, I figure if you're buying something ...
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Guide: How to access the Remarkable 2 WebUI

I really like my Remarkable 2. One of the hidden features is that there's a webUI. The Remarkable 2 webUI is only accessible via USB-C, but it's useful functionality for Here's how to access the Remarkable 2 webUI From Settings, select Storage. Switch "USB web interface" to on. Note the IP address it will now display In a browser, browse to the full address including http e.g. There's no need to login to the Remarkable webUI. All you can really do in the webUI is download documents. This may not seem like much. But if you're in a work ...
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Guide: Remarkable 2 Compatible Pens / Remarkable Marker Alternatives

I own a Remarkable 2, if you're reading this you either own one or are thinking of getting one. If it's the latter, I recommend the Remarkable. It may seem relatively costly, but as a distraction-free dedicated writing device, it's impossible to beat. No notifications, no temptations of "I'll just check this website" or "Reply to this email", etc. and the writing experience is like paper. There's a lot of magic to the Remarkable in everything from the eInk screen, to the UI, but the Remarkable Pen, technically, the Remarkable Marker, is key. If you have lost your Remarkable Pen, ...
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