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Recent Blog Posts

Lifehack: Freeze Your Credit for Free (2022)

If you want to freeze your credit it is a smart move given the frequency of data breaches, hacks, etc. The whole process from beginning to end takes about 5-10 minutes and you will need to do it at each of the three (3) credit reporting bureaus. It's 100% free to freeze your credit. It's also easy to unfreeze your credit and all of the services also offer a "credit thaw". A thaw lets you schedule an unfreeze and then it will freeze again after a specified date. Useful if you're applying for a loan, etc. Remember, you will need ...
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Fix: How to delete Microsoft Edge “Other Favorites’ Folder (Works!)

If you use Microsoft Edge (I do) and are annoyed by the "Other Favorites" folder that you can't delete, it's easy to fix. In fact, it's so easy to fix, you will sigh with relief and curse Microsoft at the same time. This fix works and takes under 1 minute. Yes, I know you can't right-click to delete it. But all you need to do is delete any bookmarks in that folder and it will disappear just like magic from your favorites bar. Yes, that's right. It's as easy as deleting anything in the "Other Favorites" folder. No, It won't ...
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Guide: Remarkable 2 v Kindle Scribe Feature Comparison Table

In September 2022, Amazon announced the Kindle Scribe – entering the writable eInk space and competing head-on with the Remarkable 2. I own the Remarkable 2 and have pre-ordered the Kindle Scribe (it ships in November). The table below is a quick summary of the differences between the Remarkable 2 v. Kindle Scribe. It's the feature comparison chart you're looking for (waves hands in a mysterious Jedi-like manner). If you're after more details, I have a write-up comparison of the Remarkable v. Kindle and each individual feature and what it means here. The best value on the Kindle Scribe is to ...
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Price Guide: Amazon Prime Day / Discounts on Kindle Scribe (2022)

If you're looking for a comparison of the Kindle Scribe to the Remarkable 2, or a review of the Kindle Scribe, you can find that here. If you're looking for the best way to save money on the Kindle Scribe or Amazon Prime Day Kindle Scribe deals, you're in the right place! There's unlikely to be any Amazon Prime Day discount on the Kindle Scribe in 2022, it doesn't get released until the end of November, which is well past the next Amazon Prime Day (October). Best ways to save on Amazon Kindle Scribe The best way to currently save ...
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Guide: Remarkable 2 vs Kindle Scribe Comparison: What you need to know (2022)

In September 2022, Amazon announced the Kindle Scribe - entering the writable eInk space and competing head-on with the Remarkable 2. I own the Remarkable 2 and have pre-ordered the Kindle Scribe (it ships in November). So as of today (September/October), I'm summarizing the details from my personal experience of the Remarkable against what Amazon is publicly listing on their website. This post summarizes all of the specs side by side so that you can make an informed decision today. I'll update this with a full review or link to a full review when I get my Kindle Scribe. This ...
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Guide: 35mm Film Camera PX625 Mercury Battery Alternative

If you own an old 35MM Film Camera, you may find you need a PX625 1.35V battery. A 1.35V button battery was common in 35mm cameras from the 1960s-1980s. I wasn't a photographer during that time, but I do have a vintage Minolta SRT that I bought on eBay that needed a PX625 battery for the light meter. There's a full list of cameras that use 625 batteries here. The bad news is that PX625 batteries are not available anymore. Mercury-based batteries were banned in the US in 1996 (and around the same time elsewhere around the world). The good ...
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Protected: 3DS

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: ...
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Guide: Home Assistant Upgrade System Not Healthy Fix (Works!)

I run Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi to manage my IoT devices. It's a great way to have a single dashboard and app to manage everything all in one place, especially if you use multiple IoT systems (HomeKit, Google, etc.) If you get an error during an upgrade "home assistant not healthy" which stops you from upgrading to a new version of Home Assistant, it's an easy 1-minute fix. Fixing this error means you will be able to upgrade to the new Core, etc. You just need to run this command on your Home Assistant: ha supervisor restart This ...
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