macOS Tips

If we meet or talk about Apple Macs or macOS, I may recommend a website, tool, or book to you. This is an attempt to summarize everything on one page.

If you find an outdated link, please let me know. If you’re after my general tips, I have a page for that here.

If you are looking for my reviews or how-to guides check this link.

Important Note: If you own, operate, or publish anything I link to, please contact me BEFORE you want to add me as someone who endorses you, testimonial, etc.

This list is provided as a courtesy to family, friends, and colleagues not for you to quote me in marketing material.

Note: (preferred) means I use the app personally, but alternatives may be listed in case the app isn’t right for you.

macOS Tweaks

  • BarTender
    Hide macOS menu bar icons, I prefer Hidden Bar (listed below).
  • HiddenBar (preferred)
    Free! an app to hide menu bar icons. It works, it’s 100% free on the Mac App Store.
  • MOS (preferred)
    Enable smooth scrolling on your Mac (my preferred Mac smooth scrolling tool)
  • Smooth Scroll
    Alternative to MOS, enable smooth scrolling on your Mac.
  • TuneMyMusic
    if you’re moving from AppleMusic to Spotify (or vice versa), the best way to sync or move playlists. Web service, not an app.
  • Vanilla
    Hide macOS menu bar icons, free and pro versions available. I prefer Hidden Bar (above).

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