Review: Best M2 MacBook Air Cases (2024)

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The 2022 MacBook Air that runs Apple’s M2 chipset is a beautifully engineered laptop, typical of everything designed by Apple. Protecting your M2 MacBook Air investment means you probably want an M2 MacBook Air case. Shell cases are typically thin, and light, and protect your MacBook Air M2 from bumps and external damage.

Top 5 Best M2 MacBook Air Shell Cases on Amazon

Amazon has M2 MacBook Air compatible cases available, all of which started shipping in August 2022. The following MacBook Air M2 cases are available with free Prime shipping. If you decide to buy something else, please be careful; check for shipping charges as I have seen shipping charges on cheap cases on Amazon, even with Amazon Prime.

In order of recommendation, the best MacBook Air M2 cases on Amazon with free shipping:

1. Mosiso: Cheapest Clear / Black Cases

Mosiso Crystal CaseMosiso has been selling Apple accessories on Amazon for a while. Mosiso sells clear and black cases (crystal and matte) and a lot of other colors. This sells from $15 on Amazon. Making this the cheapest case you can get for your M2. There are no extras, which is fine if you don’t need or want a keyboard cover, etc. The Mosiso case is repeatedly the #1 selling M2 case on Amazon.

Mosiso does have some bundles with extras, like screen protectors, keyboard covers, etc., but the prices start increasing as you add the options. You can find the Mosiso bundles here.

I have ranked Mosiso as 1st because of the price and variety of cases, they are hard to beat.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars.

Availability: The Mosiso cases are available now.

2. iBenzer: Best Value Case with Extras
Best MacBook Air M2 Case

iBenzer has been selling MacBook cases on Amazon forever, including for all other MacBook models. The iBenzer MacBook Air M2 cases are available in matte black, crystal black, crystal clear, and a rainbow of colors. At the time of writing, iBenzer is also offering a coupon for $2 off, making them one of the better value cases on Amazon. The cases also come with a USB C to USB A converter, which may come in handy if you have a legacy device you want to connect to your MacBook.

I have previously owned an iBenzer case for my M1 MacBook Air and had no issues with their quality. I was really tempted to buy iBenzer again.

Rating: 4/5 stars.

Availability: The iBenzer MacBook Air M2 case is now shipping

3. SanMuFly: Best Range of Styles + Extras

Best MacBook Air M2 CaseSanMuFly was the first to list MacBook Air M2 Cases on Amazon with free shipping (trust me, I was checking daily). SanMuFly makes a lot of cases for various Apple products, but their M2 MacBook Air cases stand out for their sheer variety.

Yes, SanMuFly makes the standard black and clear cases (including frosted matte clear) but what makes them really stand out is that SanMuFly has cases with printed graphics and patterns. This includes abstract artwork, science-themed, cartoon characters, and even paintings.

The SanMuFly cases are the best value if you want extras, as they include keyboard covers, dust plugs, a screen protector, and even a sleeve for your MacBook Air M2. The sleeve is one of the reasons I bought a SanMuFly MacBook Air M2 case, as extra protection can’t hurt. I was originally going to get the time tunnel (aka DeathStar, pictured) looking case but settled on the matte black.

Rating: 4/5 stars.

Availability: The SanMuFly cases have started shipping.

Shipping: My case shipped on August 6th, and it arrived on August 17th. Shipping is painfully slow, and if you need a case in a hurry, this may not be your best choice.

SanMuFly Case Review: A mini-review of the SanMuFly MacBook Air M2 case. The case is good but it does lack vents on the bottom to help with cooling, even though the description claims otherwise. I got the matte case and it is a soft-touch plastic which I like, not TPU, but soft-touch. I really like the way the case feels. The keyboard cover fits my Mac perfectly. I am not using the screen protector because they can damage your screen (see this Lifehacker article). The plastic port protectors didn’t fit and seem to be leftovers of some other case as it has full-size HDMI port protectors so they are not useful. The laptop sleeve has no padding and is super thin but has a solid velcro seal. The case is good but the sleeve is basic, it will provide a little extra protection in a laptop bag but it’s not a padded sleeve. Would I buy the SanMuFly case again? No, but I’m happy with it because I did want the keyboard protector, and the sleeve will come in handy, but I’m not sure it’s worth the price premium. I plan to replace the SanMuFly case with a Spigen case when (if) they are ever available.

Personal Rating: 3.5/5 stars.

4. AiGoZhe: Premium Designs + Extras

Best MacBook Air M2 CaseThe AiGoZhe MacBook Air M2 cases are similar to the cases from iBenzer and SanMuFly but more expensive by a few dollars. You get the choices of clear, matte, and some printed cases and patterns. AiGoZhe does have some different printed cases from SanMuFly. I’m a fan of this map one (pictured).

You will need to check the fine print on each case description, as some do come with a keyboard cover, protective sleeve, etc. and some don’t – my general read is the printed cases are less likely to come without any extras.

Rating: 4/5 stars.

Availability: AiGoZhe cases are now shipping.

5. Immoenuc: MacBook Air M2 Skin

If you are OK with a MacBook Air M2 skin instead of a case, Immoenuc has MacBook Air M2 Skins here for US$20, and you can get free next-day delivery with Prime. Yes, they are available now. No, I have no experience with them and don’t know if the sticker will damage your MacBook. But let’s be honest, a skin will only offer very basic protection, and you would be better off spending your dollars on a hard case. The reviews also note that the sticker is very difficult to apply, which would personally drive me crazy.

If you don’t want next-day delivery or prefer a cleaner look, this is your best option.

Rating: 2.5/5 stars.

Availability: Now, with next-day delivery.

Other Brands (Spigen, Speck, etc.)

Spigen has an M2 MacBook Air case starting at US$50, which I think is a bit too expensive. The Speck MacBook Air M2 Case is also US$50, it also has poor reviews.

MacBook Air M2 Case Buying Guide

There are now a lot of MacBook Air M2 cases appearing on Amazon, but they charge for shipping. If you want a case with free shipping, your best (current) bets are the cases from AiGoZhe, iBenzer, Mosiso, or SanMuFly. Or you can grab an Immoenuc skin instead.

If you want to look at Amazon directly, search on the MacBook Air M2 Part Number A2681. Make sure anything you buy mentions the 13.6″ Screen.

There are a lot of 2022 Macbook Air cases appearing on Amazon but be warned, many are either for the 2022 M1 or the 2022 M2 MacBook Pro 13″. Don’t be scammed, and read the fine print!

It doesn’t help that Apple still sells the M1 MacBook Air, meaning searching for a 2022 Macbook Air shell case can lead you astray. Too many sellers list “2022 MacBook Air” when they mean an M1 MacBook Air sold in 2022, not an M2 MacBook Air sold and released in 2022.

Please also don’t get confused by M2 MacBook Pro cases. The M2 MacBook Pro cases will not fit the MacBook Air.

FYI. Apple doesn’t list any protective cases on the Apple website, they only sell neoprene sleeves.

Are M1 MacBook Air cases compatible with the M2 MacBook Air?

No. Apple redesigned the M2 MacBook Air, and it no longer has a wedge shape. This means you cannot buy an M1 MacBook Air shell case and use it on your M2 Macbook Air. Nor can you use the M2 Pro case on a Macbook Air. See the end of this post for size differences between the M1 v M2 Air. If in doubt, make sure you get one that fits the MacBook Air 13.6″ screen.

What case did I buy?

I originally ordered the SanMyFly case featuring the matt black time travel cover. I picked it because I think it looks more like “Death Star” than “Time Travel”.

However, I prefer clear matte black cases, so ended up canceling it to order this SanMuFly MacBook Air Matte Black Case. It comes with a keyboard cover, a screen protector, and dust plugs for the USB ports (which I won’t use). It also apparently comes with some sort of laptop sleeve.

This M2 MacBook Air cover was due for release on August 7th but did not arrive to me until August 16th.  Their shipping is VERY slow. If I had more time, I would have got the Mosiso case as the Mosiso case is much better value.

M2 MacBook Air Model Number and Size Specifications

If you need it, the Macbook Air part numbers are different, and you should check you buy for the right part number:

  • M1 MacBook Air Model/ Part Number: Model A2337
    M1 Part Numbers: MGN63xx/A, MGN93xx/A, MGND3xx/A, MGN73xx/A, MGNA3xx/A, MGNE3xx/A
  • M2 MacBook Air Model / Part Number:  Model A2681 
    M2 Partner Numbers: MLXW3xx/A, MLXY3xx/A, MLY13xx/A, MLY33xx/A, MLXX3xx/A, MLY03xx/A, MLY23xx/A, MLY43xx/A

If you want to look at Amazon directly, search on the MacBook Air M2 Partner Number A2681.

The height and depth of the M1 v M2 MacBook Air models have changed, so you cannot use an M1 case on an M2 MacBook Air.

  • M1 MacBook Air Height & Depth: 0.63″ (1.61cm) x 8.36″ (21.24cm)
  • M2 MacBook Air Height & Depth: 0.44″ (1.13cm) x 8.46″ (21.5cm)

The M2 MacBook Air also adds a Magsafe port (near the USB C ports), so you need a cover with more port space. Again, these changes mean M1 cases DO NOT fit the M2 MacBook Air. Likewise, M2 MacBook Pro cases do not fit the M2 MacBook Air.

Hope this helps!

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Important: I am not affiliated with any of the manufacturers, brands, services, or websites listed on this page and this is my personal experience.  If you find this helpful and want to say thanks, please buy me a coffee or take a look at my book on Amazon. It keeps this page ad-free. Thank you!

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