Lowcock Family History & Lowcock Genealogy

On this page, you’ll find details about Lowcock Genealogy and Lowcock Family History. As well as notable historic figures that had the Lowcock surname.

Lowcock Surname

I started researching the Lowcock surname because, being candid, it’s not that common or famous, so there’s no easy to find facts available. I am by no means an expert, more a very amateur enthusiast. I do occasionally (like once or twice a year) play around on Ancestry.com but that’s about it. I’ve also published a book about a Lowcock family member who was in World War II and a Prisoner of War.

I update the pages as I learn more information, so please bookmark this page and come back for the latest findings (or get notified of pages updates using VisualPing). You are also welcome to link to this page from your own website, blog, Facebook page, etc.

If you are looking to research Lowcock genealogy, the Lowcock family name, Lowcock family history, or just Lowcock history please read the content on these pages. From my research, the only direct relationship to me I have found is Henry Lowcock, the inventor of the Lowcock Plough. All of the Lowcock Family Tree History research and relationship to me is at the end of the plough page.

It’s possible that there is a family connection between the Lowcock Plough, Fuel Economizer and Lowcock Razor – you can read my family tree research notes here. I am absolutely not saying there is a connection, it’s very speculative.

If you’re in a real hurry and just want to see photos of what I found, check out the Lowcock Genealogy Pinterest page.

Lowcock Name Meaning / Lowcock Surname Origin

The Lowcock surname is of English-Welsh Origin according to “A Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames: With Special American Instances” (1901) – thanks to Google Books. Screenshot of the relevant section below.

Lowcock Name Meaning - Lowcock Genealogy

The key text, which gives the origin of the Lowcock surname, is transcribed below:

Luccock Lucock Lowcock Bapt the son of Luke with suffix cock Lukecock popularly Luccock v Cock Bapt ‘the son of Lawrence’ a variant of Lowcock 

Lowcock: UK 1800-1900s

If you’re interested in historical people, inventions, products, and things associated with the Lowcock name, you’re in the right place. The below list is for those with the Lowcock surname living in the UK between 1800-1900.  There is some more detail for the family behind the Lowcock Plough, as I am related and I tracked their migration to Australia.

Each of the above Lowcock family members come from a different part of the UK. I put together a handy map for some context.

Reminder: It’s possible that there is a family connection between the Lowcock Plough, Fuel Economizer, and Lowcock Razor – you can read my notes here.

Lowcock Military Service / War Memorial

I am building out memorial pages for Lowcock family members with military service, if you’re interested please visit the Lowcock War Memorial page.

Lowcock Genealogy

If you are a genealogy or family history buff, and an expert on Lowcock genealogy, keep in mind that I am not an expert and if you know anything different – please let me know. Also, if your surname is Lowcock, please link to this page so that more people can be aware of Lowcock family history.

Lowcock Ancestry and Family Trees

I maintain family trees for various branches of the Lowcock family on Ancestry.com. If you want to collaborate on Ancestry.com research on the Lowcock surname, please contact me.

Lowcock Family History

If you are researching Lowcock Family History and can help – visit the help needed page. If you want to understand the distribution of the Lowcock surname in the UK, visit the Lowcock map page. Just interested in the images and photos? Visit the Lowcock Genealogy Pinterest page. I have information about the following:

Help Needed!

If you can help with details or research on Lowcock family members or Lowcock brand, product or invention visit the Lowcock Family History – Help Needed page.

About Me (Joshua Lowcock)

I don’t claim to be famous or important, but if you are really interested in me, learn more about Joshua Lowcock here.

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