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Lowcock's Lemonade Label

I want to start out by making it clear that I am NOT affiliated with Lowcock’s Lemonade in any past, present, or future capacity. I maintain this page purely because I get contacted about Lowcock’s Lemonade. Usually from people who are trying to order a bottle or crate.

To be 100% clear I cannot help you buy or order Lowcock’s Lemonade. On a more friendly note, thanks for visiting and I hope you find the page useful and it helps you relive some memories.

Lowcock’s Lemonade seems to hold a special place in the hearts of people from the North East of England. English comedian and TV personality, Vic Reeves, makes passing reference to Lowcock’s Lemonade in his memoir which you can buy on Amazon.com or preview here on Google Books.

If you’re in a hurry, Lowcock’s Lemonade Memorabilia is organized by:

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Lowcock’s Lemonade History

Unofficial Lowcock’s Lemonade History.

  • 1880s
    • Lowcock’s Lemonade started in Stranton, Hartlepool, UK. An area famous for its spring water.
    • Lowcock’s was started by Joseph and Margaret Lowcock (I’m no relation according to my Ancestry.com research)
    • Lowcock’s Lemonade was originally home-made Lemonade by Joseph and Margaret.
  • 1900s
    • In 1909, Lowcock’s Lemonade moved to Greta St, Middlesbrough, UK spearheaded by Walter Lowcock (the eldest son).
    • Walter passed away at age 33 and his son Martin took over operations of the Lowcock’s Lemonade company with his mother.
  • 1970s-1980s
    • Martin Lowcock passed away in 1973
    • John Martin Lowcock took over running Lowcock’s Lemonade until the mid-1980s
  • 1990s
  • 2006-2007
    • the Lowcock’s Lemonade brand re-appeared under license from the family but disappeared within 2 years
    • according to one source, the brand was licensed to Stephen Greenfield and John Vickers.
  • 2008
    • Waters & Robson (who may or may not have the license, were acquired by the Coca-Cola Company)
  • 2014
    • I started maintaining this Lowcock’s Lemonade page/site.

Lowcock’s Lemonade Trivia

There is a Facebook Page associated with the 2006 re-launch which can be found here. The page was auto-created by Facebook and is abandoned. So if you interact with the page, you do so at your own risk.

Lowcock’s Lemonade Flavors

Lowcock's Lemonade, Flavors (Animated)Lowcock’s made more than Lemonade, the flavors were:

I have never tasted Lowcock’s Lemonade and no, I don’t have the recipe. I do have photos of the bottles, which can be found here.

Lowcock’s Lemonade Memorabilia

I have discovered some interesting Lowcock’s Lemonade photos and other memorabilia. Everything was originally published just on this page, but over time I have both discovered more and had photos shared with me so it’s now split across multiple pages.

Lowcock’s Lemonade memorabilia is organized around the following categories:

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All photos and images are “as is”. That means they are as I found, discovered, or was supplied by others. Please don’t ask for a bigger, clearer or photo from another angle as I don’t own and didn’t take the originals. All photos and images remain the copyright of the original photographer. If you want to share photos, please contact me.  I always try and give credit to the original source material.

A sincere thanks to Richard Lowcock, who is from the original Lowcock’s Lemonade family, for sharing memorabilia with me. Richard was the 5th Generation of the family to work in the business until it was sold in 1992.

Lowcock’s Lemonade: Original Founders / Family

Firstly, I need to state again (for the record) I am no relation… OK, now that is out of the way. The first photos are of Walter Joseph Lowcock, at his new premises in Greta St. I believe Walter is the man seated on the far left. Walter Joseph is the man whose name appears on other memorabilia and grew the company. All the boxes they are sitting on are Lowcock’s Lemonade boxes. Walter passed away about 2 years after this photo was taken.

Walter Joseph Lowcock - Factory

A candid photo of Martin Lowcock, who ran the Lowcock’s Lemonade business from the 1970s-1980s taken at his home in the 1960s.

Martin Lowcock

Please take the time to visit the pages of other Lowcock’s Lemonade memorabilia.

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Lowcock’s Lemonade

If you have any photos of Lowcock Lemonade items that you are happy for me to post on this page, please let me know.

Friendly Reminder

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet Archive, I am able to share some photos/images from Lowcock’s Lemonade. Again, I need to stress I am not affiliated or associated and I believe you cannot buy Lowcock’s Lemonade. Simply sharing the information as I get regular inquiries about Lowcock’s Lemonade.

I am interested in Lowcock’s Lemonade collectibles, old bottles, etc. purely because it features my surname. If you have Lowcock’s Lemonade collectible items you no longer want and wish to donate (or have the photo put on this page), please do contact me. Keep in mind I am not an heir to any Lowcock Lemonade fortune, so donations are preferred.

Reminder, please don’t ask for the products, I genuinely can’t help you. Sorry.

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Lowcock Family History

If you would like to learn more about the Lowcock surname and family history, please visit the Lowcock History page.

You can learn more about Lowcock Genealogy, or specific Lowcock family member:

If you are researching Lowcock Family History and can help – visit the help needed page. If you want to understand the distribution of the Lowcock surname in the UK, visit the Lowcock map page. Just interested in the images and photos? Visit the Lowcock Genealogy Pinterest page.

This page is maintained by Joshua Lowcock.

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