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Lowcock's Lemonade Label

I want to start out by making it clear that I am NOT affiliated with Lowcock’s Lemonade in any past, present or future capacity. I maintain this page purely because I get contacted about Lowcock’s Lemonade. Usually from people who are trying to order a bottle or crate.

To be 100% clear I cannot help you buy or order Lowcock’s Lemonade. On a more friendly note, thanks for visiting and I hope you find the page useful and it helps you relive some memories.

Lowcock’s Lemonade seems to hold a special place in the hearts of people from the North East of England. English comedian and TV personality, Vic Reeves, makes passing reference to Lowcock’s Lemonade in his memoir which you can buy on Amazon.com or preview here on Google Books.

Lowcock’s Lemonade FAQ

What can I tell you about Lowcock’s Lemonade? Here’s my unofficial Lowcock’s Lemonade FAQ.

  • Lowcock’s Lemonade started in Stranton, Hartlepool, UK in 1880 (famous for its spring water)
  • Lowcock’s was stated by Joseph and Margaret Lowcock (I’m no relation according to my Ancestry.com research)
  • Lowcock’s Lemonade was originally home-made Lemonade by Joseph and Margaret.
  • In 1909, Lowcock’s Lemonade moved to Greta St, Middlesbrough, UK spearheaded by Walter Lowcock (the eldest son).
  • Walter passed away at age 33 and his son Martin ran the company with his mother until his death in 1973.
  • After Martin’s death, John Martin Lowcock took over and ran the company until from the 1970’s to the mid-late 1980’s.
  • John Martin Lowcock retired in 1992.
  • The brand was licensed to a manufacturer in Harrogate, but the name eventually disappeared.
  • In 2006/7 the brand re-appeared under license from the family, but then disappeared again within 2 years.
  • According to one source, the brand was licensed to Stephen Greenfield and John Vickers.
  • The bottles were made of glass and Lowcock’s Lemonade encouraged recycling with a 10p refund on a returned bottle.
  • Lowcock’s Lemonade was delivered in dedicated Lowcock’s Lemonade vehicles (including horse drawn wagons).
  • Lowcock’s Lemonade collectible Lledo trucks (or Lorry’s if you’re from the UK) can be found on eBay.

There is a Facebook Page associated with the 2006 re-launch which can be found here. The page was auto-created by Facebook and is abandoned. So if you interact with the page, you do so at your own risk.

Lowcock’s Lemonade Flavors

Lowcock's Lemonade, Flavors (Animated)Lowcock’s made more than Lemonade, the flavors were:

I have never tasted Lowcock’s Lemonade and no, I don’t have the recipe.

Lowcock’s Lemonade Memorabilia

I have discovered some interesting Lowcock’s Lemonade photos and other memorabilia, which I am sharing below. All photos and images are “as is”. That means, they are as I found, discovered, or was supplied by others. Please don’t ask for a bigger, clearer or photo from another angle as I don’t own and didn’t take the originals. All photos and images remain copyright of the original photographer.

A sincere thanks to Richard Lowcock, who is from the Lowcock’s Lemonade family. For the following first few pictures. Richard was the 5th Generation of the family to work on the business until it was sold in 1992.

This first photo is one of the oldest photos in existence. It’s of the original founder of Lowcock’s Lemonade, Joseph Lowcock. The photo has a handwritten note on the back dating it 1898, but must be in error as Joseph Lowcock passed in ~1892. Joseph Lowcock is standing, on the right of the photo. The photo was taken in Hartlepool.

Joseph Lowcock 1890s (Standing on Right)

The next photo is a photo is of Walter Joseph Lowcock standing with one of the Lowcock’s Lemonade horse drawn wagons. The child in the photo is his son, Martin Lowcock (the one who passed in the 70s, i.e. the Grandfather of the Richard who sent me the photos). The photo was taken in their yard in Middlesbrough, now Cannon Park.

Walter Lowcock - Standing

The next photo is Walter Joseph Lowcock, at his new premises in Greta St. I believe Walter is the man seated on the far left. Walter Joseph is the man who’s initials appear on other memorabilia and grew the company. All the boxes they are sitting on are Lowcock’s Lemonade boxes. Walter passed away about 2 years after this photo was taken.

Walter Joseph Lowcock - Factory

A candid photo of Martin Lowcock, taken at his home in the 1960s.

Martin Lowcock


Once again, thank you to Richard Lowcock for sharing the above photos and giving permission to publish.

The next set of photos and memorabilia have been found while trawling the internet.

The following photo was found on TruckNetUK. The photo is undated, but it is (claimed) to be a photo of Walter Lowcock (standing) who is the family member who led the move to Middlesbrough and the driver is Billy Raw. If you click on the photo below and look at the left hand side of the rear left wheel, the name Lowcock is visible on the truck flatbed/tray.

Walter Lowcock and Lowcock's Lemonade Truck (B&W)

The truck pictured below is another Lowcock’s Lemonade delivery truck (Bedford). The photo is from Chris Hall, Teesside. The photo was taken in 1986. The truck was reportedly destroyed in a fire. More information is available at the original source. A common question asked by people when they saw the truck was “is that (promotional) bottle full”?

Lowcock's Lemonade Bedford Delivery TruckThe next photo seems to be of the same truck but from another angle (and an earlier photo). The Greta St address can be made out on the back. The large promotional bottle on the flatbed shows the flavor as being Dandelion and Burdock. Thanks to Brian Morris for this photo.

Lowcock Lemonade Truck (Alternate View)This next photo is the Lowcock’s Lemonade Lledo collectible vehicle. These trucks occasional pop up on eBay UK. The truck was apparently a limited promotional run of 1500 units (according to long gone eBay listings). They box does say they are made to special order, but does not detail production date or production run. I am including the only photo I can find that talks of the limited production run (certificate looks like it says 1988). I am not sure why the promotional run was made.

Lowcock Lemonade Lledo Truck

Lowcock Lemonade Lledo Certificate When Lowcock’s relaunched, the Lemonade was delivered in Smart Cars. The best photo I could find of that is below.

Lowcock Lemonade Smart CarLoveMiddlesbrough has a blog which has a photo from the Dorman Museum, which has a photo of a Lowcock Truck and sign. I can’t read the text. If anyone happens to ever be nearby the museum, I’d love a better photo and details of the caption.

Lowcock's Lemonade Dorman Museum

Ned Basher owns the copyright in the next photo of  a bus (Cleveland Transit Fleetline L568) at Middlesbrough Bus Station. The photo was taken on August 2nd, 1984 and features an ad for Lowcock’s Lemonade.

Lowcock's Lemonade Bus Advertisement (Photo Copyright Ned Basher)

The following Lowcock’s Lemonade sign was found in an old eBay listing. The sign measures 12′ x 3′ (3.65m x 1m). The sign is described as being wooden and hand painted.

Lowcock's Lemonade Wooden Sign

Some other Lowcock’s Lemonade vintage signs I have found, include this “Ask for Lowcock’s Lemonade”.

Ask for Lowcock's Lemonade

And this one, which reminds you of the bottles are returnable.

Lowcock's Lemonade - Returnable Bottles

As noted earlier, I often get asked for a bottle or crate of Lowcock’s Lemonade. Courtesy of a (now offline) eBay listing, I found a photo of one of the (original) Lowcock’s Lemonade crates.

Of course, the crate would be no good without a photo of a bottle. The photo below is a buried bottle  (hence the dirt). You can see the name Lowcock embossed on the side. Photo courtesy Tees Valley Museums. Interesting aside, the Tees is the name of the river that runs through that part of the Northeast. The towns on either side of it are what make the area known as Teesside (Stockton-on-Tees, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, and Darlington).

Lowcock Glass Bottle - Old


I am not sure of the vintage of this bottle. According to an old eBay listing, the bottle is ceramic and measures 8″ high and 2 3/4″ wide. The bottle references Lowcock & Co, Fermented Ginger Beer. It has an address of Oxford Road, West Hartlepool.

Lowcock Ginger Beer Bottle

This next bottle turned up on an eBay listing (no, I don’t own it). It’s a different vintage from the others but does include (and feature) a reusable Lowcock Bottle Top. I only have zoomed in images so you can see the detail, click to expand the thumbnail.

Lowcock Lemonade Bottle 2/2

And here’s the bottle stop.

Lowcock Bottle Stop

The photo below is not one of the original bottles, but it is definitely not the re-launch version of the bottle (2006 relaunch bottles were plastic). The image below is as I found it, which is a shame – because it looks like a Lowcock’s Lemonade ad is in the background (you can make out labels of other flavors).

Lowcock's Lemonade BottleFrom the 2006 relaunch, here’s a photo of the bottles. A little hard to see, but the bottles do say Established 1880.

Lowcock's Lemonade Flavors

How does one go about opening Lowcock’s Lemonade bottles? Well with the Lowcock’s Bottle Opener of course. This bottle opener was listed on eBay. The front of the bottle opener states “Lowcock” and the reverse states “Middlesbrough”. According to the listing, the opener is about 10cm long and had the registration number 702661. This is the patent number for the design, known as a “Crown Cap” and dates the opener at around 1924 and is common for bottle openers of that period.

Lowcock Bottle Opener

The photo archive wouldn’t be complete without proof that Lowcock’s Lemonade had fans. Below is a badge (again, from a long gone eBay listing).

I Like Lowcocks Lemonade BadgeThe following picture is a bit more random. BeSpoke Tyre and Autocare in the UK took over the Lowcock’s Lemonade factory (probably the re-launch factory, as their address is Derwent St, Middlesbrough) and shared the following “treasures” on Facebook. This includes a (partial photo) of bottle of a Dandelion and Burdock.

Lowcock's Dandelion & BurdockAnd then this gem, again from BeSpoke Tyres, not sure what it is, a cup/mug/cooler of some sort that is branded Lowcock’s Cola.

Lowcock ColaIf you have any photos of Lowcock Lemonade items that you are happy for me to post on this page, please let me know.

Friendly Reminder

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet Archive, I am able to share some photos/images from Lowcock’s Lemonade. Again, I need to stress I am not affiliated or associated and I believe you cannot buy Lowcock’s Lemonade. Simply sharing the information as I get regular inquiries about Lowcock’s Lemonade.

I am interested in Lowcock’s Lemonade collectibles, old bottles, etc. purely because it features my surname. If you have Lowcock’s Lemonade collectible items you no longer want and wish to donate (or have the photo put on this page), please do contact me. Keep in mind I am not an heir any Lowcock Lemonade fortune, so donations are preferred.

Reminder, please don’t ask for the products, I genuinely can’t help you. Sorry.

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