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Views of Blackpool Tower (Book)

Arthur Lowcock, inventor of the Lowcock Fuel Economiser was a Director of the company the helped build Blackpool Tower. A very kind visitor to this website (Paul Baddely) has a copy of the book “Views of Blackpool Tower” which was formerly in the possession of Arthur Lowcock. Paul was kind enough to contact me and share some photos, all of which are below.

The “Views of Blackpool Tower” book is ~125 years old and according to Paul, it’s about 2′ long and 16″ wide and 3″ thick weighing n at 7.7lbs (3.5kgs). There is no publisher or publication date and the photos have writing on the back (possibly in pen or crayon) suggesting it may have been some sort of private album.

In the original auction for the book “Views of Blackpool Tower” is described as black and grey leather cover impressed in gilt, opening to reveal a series of 17 loose monochrome photographic images, depicting the tower at different stages of construction, some marked Beverley & Son, the inner cover of the album marked in pen.

Paul sent several photos, eight (8) of Blackpool Tower under construction, I’m sharing the ones directly linked to Arthur Lowcock first, followed by other photos of Blackpool Tower during construction.

Arthur Lowcock Signature / Bookplate

Arthur Lowcock Signature

Arthur Lowcock Ownership History

Arthur Lowcock Ownership

Views of Blackpool Book Cover / Spine

Blackpool Tower Construction Photos with Notes

Some trivia first, Blackpool Tower is 519′ tall. The photos are captioned variously as “168′ floor level”. I am assuming that this means they were counting each foot as a floor (these days there’s about 14′ to a floor). These are rare original black and white photos of Blackpool Tower during construction. I do not own the original book or photos. If you do use these photos, please link back to this website.

Blackpool Tower During Construction

Blackpool Tower During Construction

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