Lowcock Dairy (Pendleton, UK)

I discovered the existence of the Lowcock Dairy in Pendleton when this Cream Pot appeared on eBay. No, I didn’t bid nor do I own the cream pot.

Lowcock Dairy

The Cream Pot is inscribed as follows:

Lowcock’s Dairy
Special Cream
The Creamery
229 High Street

The cream pot itself measures about 3″ (7.6cm) tall.

There is possibly another Lowcock Cream Pot like this in existence, which I found over on Pinterest.

I haven’t been able to locate High Street Pendleton on a map. However, Pendleton is an inner-city suburb of Salford, Greater Manchester, England, and there is a 229 West High Street Salford. Although, I honestly don’t know if it’s the same address. Suffice to say, it’s not a dairy today.

My other research, to date, has proven fruitless. I haven’t even been able to discover the name behind the initials “JWL”. Randomly guessing, there’s a James W Lowcock, but that could be way off the mark. So any help or insights would be appreciated.

Specifically for Lowcock’s Dairy.  There is a court notice from 1936 that mentions that Charles John Batho was conducting business under the name Lowcock Dairy. This was published as a notice by his wife, Gladys Batho, in the London Gazette on March 9, 1937.

There’s also another notice from Gladys, regarding her husband, published June 23rd, 1937, in the Edinburgh Gazette.

Sleuthing on Ancestry.com, It appears Charles did pass in 1937. Which would suggest that the Lowcock Dairy left Lowcock family ownership many years prior. But at least it confirms the address.

Help Needed!

I am sharing all I have discovered about Lowcock’s Dairy. I do not know if there is any relationship to me. If you can assist – please check out the Lowcock Family History Help Needed page.

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