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Masonic Medal

The Masonic Medal appeared on eBay but I was away and missed the opportunity to bid. I am not sure where this fits into the story of any of the people I have researched.

The medal reads RMBI (Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution) 1837. The RMBI is part of the Freemasons and is the charitable arm. The lower part of the medal has the motto “Kodes la Adonai” that translates as “Holiness to the Lord” and comes from Exodus 28:36.

The reverse of the medal reads Bro. H. Lowcock. I am not sure who the H Lowcock is – if you know, let me know!

And despite all of my Google-fu I can’t find anything on Brother H Lowcock. Instead, I ended up down a new rabbit hole, where I found a reference to a Freemason portrait featuring a Captain Lowcock. In the 1876 minutes of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Lincolnshire, UK.

I also found a random poorly converted to text link about Arthur Lowcock, Engineer who may or may not have been a Freemason in Shropshire, and the Salopian Lodge, no. 262.

So that means, I now need to find the following Lowcock Freemasons and Lowcock family members:

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Lowcock Family History

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You can learn more about Lowcock Genealogy, or specific Lowcock family member:

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