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Joshua Lowcock brings a wealth of experience as a board member and director in the USA and Australia. An Australian citizen based in New York, Joshua has also lived and worked in China and the UK – bringing a valuable global perspective to any director or advisory role

Appointing someone with digital expertise as a board member can help drive digital transformation. As a starting point, it is worth considering having, at a minimum, a digital advisory board member. For companies not ready for a digital board member, Joshua has also provided consulting services, including CMO Consulting and Advisory, as it’s often the marketing function that is at the frontlines of the digital economy and well-placed to partner across an organization.

Australian Experience

Joshua Lowcock is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (MAICD)

Accent Group Limited (ASX.AX1)

Joshua was a Non-Executive Director for Accent Group Limited (ASX:AX1). Accent is a publicly listed retail and wholesale footwear company. Joshua also Chaired Accent’s Digital Strategy Group and was a member of the Audit and Risk Committee.

AdVeritas Limited (ASX.AV1)

Joshua is the Non-Executive Chair of AdVeritas Limited (ASX.Av1) a publicly listed Australian technology company.

Cashrewards Pty Ltd (part of 1835i)

Joshua is a Non-Executive Director of Cashrewards Pty Ltd, Australia’s leading online cashback website. Joshua is also the Chair of the Cashrewards Audit and Risk Committee. Cashrewards was previously listed on the ASX until a takeover by 1835i Limited.

Prime Media Group (ASX.PRT)

Joshua served as a Non-Executive Director of Prime Media Group (ASX.PRT). Prime Media is a regional Australian television broadcaster. Joshua was also the Chair of the Remuneration and Nomination Committee. Prime was listed on the ASX until a takeover by Seven West Media.

Shipping Easy

Joshua was an early-stage investor and advisor to Shipping Easy. ShippingEasy is a cloud-based shipping software platform enabling online retailers to download orders from multiple stores and ship them out. Shipping Easy was founded in Sydney, Australia, and relocated to Austin, Texas. Shipping Easy was acquired by in 2016, for US$55M.


Joshua served as an advisory board member to WebIP. WebIP specializes in online brand protection and corporate domain name management. WebIP was acquired by UK-based NetNames in April 2014 for an undisclosed amount. (NetNames was later acquired by CSC Global in 2016).

Australian Direct Marketing Association (ADMA)

Joshua is a member of ADMA’s Regulatory and Advocacy Working Group.

USA Experience

AdTech Client Advisory Council

In addition to the above, Joshua also serves (or has served) on the client council of a number of US media and ad tech companies, such as Verizon Media Group,  Instacart, Pinterest, Roku, Time Warner, and Facebook. If you’re ready to get started with a digital advisory board, this article provides some guidance.

Mobile Marketing Association

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) is the largest global association focused on mobile and modern marketing. From 2019-2021, Joshua Lowcock served on the board of the MMA.


Vidcon is a conference for creators and consumers of online video. The event has been held in Anaheim, California since 2010 (since expanding to events in Europe and Australia). Joshua has served on the advisory board for the Industry Track since 2016. Joshua has been featured on Think With Google emphasizing the importance of Vidcon (and YouTube) for brands and advertisers, and how Vidcon and YouTube redefine the definition of premium content. In Feb 2018, Vidcon was acquired by Viacom. Joshua continues to serve in an advisory capacity.

Rutgers University

Joshua served as an Industry Advisor for Rutgers University Big Data Certificate Program (2017-2021). Using data science in business is not a trend or fad and Joshua has extensive real-world experience applying data to solve challenges of Fortune 500 companies. As a member of the Industry Advisory board, Joshua ensures the course equips professionals with data analytics knowledge that can improve marketing and operating efficiencies.

Need an Advisor / Company Director?

If you need a Company Director, Advisor, or Board member with experience in digital and marketing, please contact Joshua Lowcock.

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