Guest Lecturer

From 2017-2021, Joshua Lowcock served as an Industry Advisor to Rutgers Center for Innovation Education, Big Data Certificate Program.

While no longer actively participating in the Rutgers program, I do guest lectures from time-to-time at Rutgers and universities on the topics of digital, data, and brand safety.

If you’re after a guest lecturer, please contact me.

Rutgers Center for Innovation Education, Big Data Certificate Program

Quoting from Rutger’s program website:

Using data science in business is not a trend or fad, it’s the new way today’s leaders are leveraging advancing technologies to compete in the business world. Professionals equipped with data analytics knowledge can improve marketing and operating efficiencies. They can disrupt the status quo by inventing new business models to leap-frog competitors.

The 4-day certificate program provides a great way for individuals and organizations to establish a roadmap for leveraging big data.

As this course is from Rutgers, participants also receive 3 elective graduate credits towards a Master in Business & Science degree.

Having spent my career helping clients in the US, China and Australia develop data strategies, commercialize data, and apply data to media – it was great to be part of an academic institution that is formalizing the training and skills needed in data.

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