Lowcock UK Geography (1800-1900s)

Not being from the UK, it was hard for me to get a sense of perspective on exactly where the Lowcock Plough, Lowcock’s Lemonade, Lowcock Razor, and Lowcock’s Iron Foundry was located. Using Google maps I was able to get a better context, which I am sharing below.

The marked points of interest are:

  1. Lowcock Plough Tiverton (Lower Corner, Southwest)
  2. Lowcock’s Lemonade Middlesbrough (Upper Corner, Northeast)
  3. Lowcock’s Iron Foundry Manchester (Middle, West)
  4. Lowcock Razor, Middlesex (South East)
  5. Lowcock Mill, Linton (North)

Given the geographic distribution and considerable travel time (even today) between each point, it’s hard to see how everyone is related. Although, Lowcock’s Lemonade, Lowcock’s Foundry, and Lowcock’s Mill are in relative (no pun intended) close proximity. Hopefully one day I will have more clarity on what connects all the dots.

Lowcock Surname UK Distribution

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Lowcock Name Distribution Today

  • Google and Facebook have been my friend in this regard. Today, there are still Lowcock’s in the UK (England and Scotland), but also in the USA, Australia, and Hong Kong. If your surname is Lowcock and you live in a country not listed, let me know and I’ll be happy to update this list.

Lowcock Family History

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