How to enable Smooth Scrolling on a Mac (Free)

I recently made the switch to macOS from Windows and one of the things I miss is smooth scrolling. Especially when scrolling through long web pages using a mouse. I’m not sure why Apple doesn’t offer this and the Logitech mouse I use with my Mac doesn’t offer it. Fortunately, you can enable smooth scrolling on your Mac with one of these free apps.

There are two apps available that will enable smooth scrolling on your mac, these are:

  1. MOS 
  2. Smooth Scroll

Both apps are free and will let you enable smooth scrolling on your Mac. You only need one of them, so use whichever you prefer.

Personally, I prefer MOS, it lets you set the smooth scrolling direction independently for your mouse vs touchpad. This works for me because I tend to scroll on the touchpad like a touchscreen vs a mouse scroll wheel I use the inverse way (don’t ask me why my brain just works that way). MOS also lets you hide the status bar/menu bar icon.

MOS Smooth Scroll macOS

Smooth Scroll also gives you similar nuanced controls (see the screenshot below).

macOS Smooth Scroll

Once installed, don’t forget to set the program to auto start on login. Both apps offer the ability to set this natively within their apps.

I’m not affiliated with either app, just sharing to help others. Hope this makes your life easier.


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