Guide: Do iPhone 12 cases fit the iPhone 13?

No, here’s why…

You might think that because the iPhone 13 is only 1mm thicker than the iPhone 12 you can use your old case. Unfortunately, you cannot. Apple shifted the mute, power, and volume buttons but a small amount so that iPhone 12 cases will not work with the iPhone 13. It’s frustrating and I don’t know why Apple needed to shift the buttons. The 1mm change in thickness on the iPhone 13 is is to accommodate changes to the optical lens system and the lens area is also larger, which is why I think Apple needed to shift the buttons.

Best iPhone 13 case under $20

If, like me, this means you need a new case I recommend this MagSafe Spigen Case. It’s the best iPhone 13 case for under $20 that I have found that’s also MagSafe compatible. It’s a better alternative to the clear Apple case.

Why I like the Spigen case, it’s clear, has firm grippy sides, the buttons are easy to press (huzzah!) and it offers excellent drop protection. Spigen makes the case with both a white MagSafe ring and a black MagSafe ring.

Best iPhone 13 Screen Protector (Glass) under $10

While you’re here, if you’re after a screen protector, I am using this ESR iPhone 13 Screen Glass Protector which is typically under $10 with a coupon (it’s on the Amazon page). I like that it’s a 3 pack, so good if you have more than 1 iPhone 13 but even more useful is it comes with a guide rail/alignment tool so you get it positioned perfectly.

Enjoy your iPhone 13!

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