Guide: HP M24f M22f VESA Adapter

I own two (2) HP m-series IPS monitors, the M22f and the M24f. Now that I am working from how for an extended period, they were an essential purchase. You just can’t use spreadsheets without a proper monitor. I like that the HP m-series monitors are IPS, very light, and the bezels are super thin. The only downside is that they use a proprietary HP monitor arm attachment and don’t have VESA support.

Well, that can be fixed!

I’ve successfully added a VESA mount to both my HP M22f and HP M27f using this 3D-printed HP Vesa Adapter I bought on Amazon. At under $30 each, now both HP monitors have VESA mounts. I have limited desk (aka dining room) space, so I’m mounting them vertically using this vertical VESA stand. I opted for this one because it’s a self-supporting VESA stand and doesn’t require being screwed or vice gripped to the desk.

Hope this helps someone else!

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