Works! How to Setup Dynamic DNS and Port Forwarding on Verizon G3100 (Tested! Works)

Coming Soon!

I’m writing up the draft at the moment. There are a lot of steps.


This is tested and works! This is how to setup a Dynamic DNS and do Port Forwarding on the Verizon G3100 using also known as This is particularly useful if you have home security cameras, alarm systems, web server, or some other device you want to access remotely.

The overview of the steps are as follows:

  1. Create an account on You can use the free version of NoIp, but it’s worth paying the $25 a year if you need it on an ongoing basis. Make sure you create a username and hostname. A username is NOT your email address.
  2. Configure the Dynamic DNS options in your Verizon G3100. You need to use the username and hostname you set up with You don’t need to check SSL.
  3. Setup Port Forwarding in the Verizon G3100. This requires knowing the internal IP address of the device and the port number you need open. Typical ports are 80 or 443 but check the documentation.
  4. Check the DNS has replicated. This can save some troubleshooting headaches.
  5. Test the connection using a device not connected to your WiFi, a mobile phone is recommended.

Don’t panic if you can’t access it yourself, the G3100 seems to have an issue with the routing. Learn more here


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