2017.10.13 Last Week in Digital Media

Here’s the industry news you may have missed:

  • Facebook held their Oculus Connect conference during the week. Lots of updates, but the major one is that there will be a standalone $199 Oculus Go (vs $399 for the current version that also requires a PC). You can register to be notified when it’s available. This matters because Google is bringing the same sort of product to market by this holiday season, all of which should drive broad consumer adoption of VR.
  • Other VR news from Oculus Connect includes VR venues so that there can be shared experiences for concerts, sports and other events; and the plan by Facebook to bring interactive 3D VR posts to the newsfeed. You can watch a replay of the connect event here.
  • Amazon has added Voice Profile support to Alexa so that it recognizes different user voices. This opens the door to better personalization of experiences and brings Alexa in line with Google Home capabilities. You can compare all current voice assistant capabilities here.
  • Snapchat has added context cards to their app giving insights from foursquare, OpenTable, Tripadvisor and others about locations in a Snap. As TheNextWeb notes, this turns Snap into a Yelp! like service. If you want to see how it works, there’s a handy video of context cards in action here.
  • The eSports rights marketplace continues to evolve. This time, Hulu picking up rights to 4 eSports series. Including talk shows, documentaries, and hybrid replay/documentary show. This move by Hulu further legitimizes eSports as a media opportunity.
  • Placed has introduced a way to measure Paid Search and whether it’s driving offline visits. This is particularly relevant for clients with a physical location (e.g. H&M, CVS) or if you are trying to understand what type of leads search delivers.
  • Back in May, at Google I/O, it was announced Google was bringing AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to ads. So the news that Google acquired Relay Media during the week, a company specializing in AMP-enabling content, is not a surprise and emphasizes the importance of talking to clients about AMP enabling theirs sites for the best mobile experience.

That’s all the news.

Have a great week.


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