2018.06.08 Last Week in Digital Media

Here’s all the news in digital media you may have missed last week:



  • Facebook is investing heavily in news content for Facebook Watch funding news content from CNN, ABC, Fox, Univision, and Mic. The new programming commences in the US summer and consists of a mix of daily briefings, deep devices, and breaking news programming.
  • a rumor doing the rounds is that Instagram is about to a launch a Snapchat-like video discover tab (or possibly separate app). Featuring content from creators, it would include scripted shows, music videos and more in vertically oriented, full-screen, high-def 4K resolution.


  • Facebook has launched a gaming site called fb.gg. Potentially a competitor to twitch, it is a hub for live streamed game content. Expect more news on this next week, as the E3 (a huge video game conference), will be held in LA next week.

Privacy, Trust, and Brand Safety

Have a good week, be kind to yourself and make sure you check-in that your friends, family, and colleagues are OK.