2020.08.07 Last Week in Digital Media

Here’s your Last Week in Digital Media:


and here’s the other news you may have missed:


  • amid all the TikTok noise, Instagram has released its copy called “Reels” as part of the main Instagram app. There are currently no ad products available on Reels.
  • TikTok has launched a TikTok TV experience on Amazon FireTV. Called “More on TikTok” includes playlists, compilations, interviews, and other content curated by TikTok.
  • there’s a great interview with Jack Dorsey from twitter on the NY Times Daily Podcast. It’s one of the most honest and candid interviews from a tech founder about the faults with their platform and what they would do differently and the responsibility of platforms to intervene to protect people. Worth a listen.
  • ViacomCBS is introducing an integrated digital buying platform called EyeQ. The platform will be available in the US fall and work across all of their digital video assets (CBS All Acess, Pluto, Viacom).
  • Snapchat will be launching a B2B marketing campaign called the “Meet the Snapchat Generation” this coming week. It coincides with Snapchat launching a TikTok-style music feature starting in Australia and New Zealand.
  • also in Australia and New Zealand, Quibi, which launched in those markets this week, is offering Quibi on a free ad-supported tier (there is no free tier in the US).
  • Disney released its Q3 2020 results. Disney+ had 57.5MM subscribers, Hulu SVOD 32.1MM, Hulu Live+SVOD 3.4MM, and ESPN+ 8.5MM.
  • Roku’s Q2 2020 results saw them reach 43MM active accounts (PDF link) with streaming hours up 2.3B to 14.6B.


While the Facebook boycott came to close in July, some of the topics remain in the news:



  • adtech data collection and use are firmly in the regulatory spotlight, with various members of Congress calling for an FCC investigation the practice (PDF link). The letter explicitly calls out mobile location data, and the FCC has already written to Verizon and AT&T (PDF link), seeking clarity in this area. The FCC has also issued a statement urging the FTC to take action (PDF link).
  • Google released an alpha of a Chrome extension called the “Ads Transparency Spotlight.” The extension works similar to Ghostery, showing you what tracking tags are on a site but with links to the privacy policies where available.

Have a great week.