Reviews: Australian Roaming eSIMs (2024)

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This post ranks Australian eSIMs. This post is not intended for Australians, it’s more for people who are visiting Australia and need mobile data when on the ground. All of the information is current as of December 2022/January 2023.

I have tested these Australian eSIM providers on my iPhone 14 (GSM), so it’s my personal experience. For those not familiar with eSIMs, this means you get a QR code that you can scan with your phone to activate the data while keeping your existing number. All you need to do is change the settings on your phone to use the eSIM for data. Saving you roaming costs and giving you higher-speed data.

the BEST Roaming eSIM for Australia: Amaysim 

The best option is Amaysim. I have used their service multiple times. Amysim is owned by Singtel-Optus an Australian domestic carrier. It’s 100% a pre-paid service. Prices depend on how much data you need but start at AU$15 for 4GB of data. But they frequently have specials. Speeds are 4G, with 5G available but only on more expensive tiers ~AU$50. Plans last for 28 days and you can manage your usage and renewals in their free mobile app. What I love about Amaysim is you also get a local domestic Australian mobile number, so you can call anyone in the country. More expensive plans also include international calls. Amaysim is now my preferred Australian roaming eSIM whenever I visit the country. The are two things to keep an eye out for 1. to ensure you don’t sign up for automatic renewal, and 2. you can only activate the eSIM on arrival in Australia. But you can pre-purchase it from anywhere and activate it when you land.

Price: Starts at AU$15 but is frequently on sale.
Mobile Network: Optus 4G/LTE also has 5G Plans

Data Only Australian Roaming eSIM: eSIM Australia

eSIM Australia is not what I expected. Yes, eSIM Australia works but they seem to be re-selling a Thai mobile network (dtac).  So you’re technically roaming while roaming. Support was good, I got a reply to emails in a few hours and the eSIM within a few minutes of ordering. The setup was easy, just scan the eSIM QR code that they send via email. This may be tricky if you don’t have a second screen to use, fortunately, I was able to scan the code on my phone from the screen on my laptop and you can activate it before you arrive in Australia. As you’re using a Thai network and roaming, you need to ensure that you have turned on roaming for the eSIM. So double-check this after installing if you’re not seeing data come through at high speed. The eSIM Australia service works fast, and the only thing I noticed is traffic was being routed via Thailand (all ads were in Thai). I like that eSIM Australia uses Telstra or Optus for roaming, which is great if you’re traveling outside Australian major capital cities. The only cons are they don’t offer unlimited data and the maximum amount of data/days they offer is 6GB/10 days in total (eSIM Australia offered an unlimited plan but it has been discontinued). There’s no top-up capability, so if you use all your data, you will need to buy a new eSIM bundle.

Price: Starts at US$12.99 for 4GB over 8 Days
Mobile Network: Telstra/Optus

Multi-Country Roaming eSIM including Australia: Truphone Australia

Truphone is the only pre-paid eSIM provider listed on the Apple website. Truphone requires that you download their app (iOS or Android). An account is required to use Truphone (eSIM Australia doesn’t require an account) but on the plus side, you get 100MB on a free trial – perfect to see if Truphone works for you. Truphone talks a big game with support, claiming a 1 hour response time, but for me, it took 2-3 days to hear back. Truphone doesn’t offer an unlimited plan either (max is 200GB over 30 days). The downside with Truphone is that they roam on Australia’s Vodafone network, which has sub-standard coverage outside of capital cities/metropolitan areas. So if you’re visiting Australia and plan to visit a regional town (as I often do) or the ‘outback’, then Truphone is less than ideal. That said, they do come in a better value than eSIM Australia if you need a lot of data. Truphone does is everything via an app, requires an account, and in-app purchases – which you may or may not like.
I’d recommend the Truphone 1 Day Free trial (100Mb data limit) if you’re keen to see if it’s right for you. Which should you use? TruPhone is probably the better option for most people looking for an Australian eSIM that doesn’t require creating an account anywhere and you can manage in the iOS AppStore (but I get anxious about in-app purchases).

Price: 1 day free trial, then from US$7 for 2GB/30 days (up to 200GB plans available)
Mobile Network: Vodafone

Other Australian Mobile Data Roaming Options.

T-Mobile USA
If you’re in the US and on T-Mobile, some of their plans included unlimited 2G roaming in Australia and T-Mobile do offer high-speed “data passes” depending on your plan. You can learn more here, but at the top end, it’s US$50 for 15GB of LTE data over 30 days. While T-Mobile data passes are expensive compared to buying a travel eSIM for Australia, T-Mobile also includes unlimited voice calling (but not to Australian mobiles). So if you need to make frequent voice calls back to the states, or to Australian landlines, it could be a useful option to consider. In my tests, in Australia, T-Mobile roams on the Optus network. T-Mobile’s 2G roaming speed is awfully slow and almost unusable, so pay for high speed data or get an eSIM from one of the above providers.

LTE Modem
One useful option if you have multiple devices (traveling with family, etc) is to buy an Australian pre-paid LTE modem and use it for WiFi. This is great for road trips, etc. Australian prepaid modems can be found for under AU$50 at local Australian supermarkets (Coles or Woolworths). Keep in mind, modems will be carrier-locked, so if you buy a Telstra LTE Modem, you are stuck with Telstra, etc. Australian mobile data packages can get expensive and vary by carrier (up to AU$300 for 180Gb of data!) so it pays to shop around and not use this as a last-minute option i.e. get a friend in Australia to buy it when it’s on sale and have it ready for when you arrive.

Hope you found this useful! Safe travels mate.

Important: I am not affiliated with any of the manufacturers, brands, services, or websites listed on this page and this is my personal experience.  If you find this helpful and want to say thanks, please buy me a coffee or take a look at my book on Amazon. It keeps this page ad-free. Thank you!

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