Guide: Dell Laptop Active Pen PN771M Replacement

First, the bad news. I’ll get straight to the point. Dell, currently (as of April/May 2021), does not sell replacement Dell Active Pen PN771M. Sorry.

It’s disappointing and frustrating, as my Dell Active Pen 771M had a manufacturing issue or design and the button just popped out. See the photos below. There doesn’t seem to be any way to repair the pen. 

Dell Active Pen 771M - Broken

This 771M Pen is designed for the Dell Inspiron 13″ 7000 2 in 1. This laptop has a little slot for the pen, so if the pen is lost or broken, you’re going to be reminded of it every time you use your laptop.

The direct link to all of the currently available Dell Pens and Stylus can be found here. Amazon also does not currently sell Dell Active Pens. You can find the current Dell Active Pens on Amazon here.

Details on the Dell Active Pen771M

  • Dell Part Number: Dell-PN-771M-BK
  • Dell Item Number: DPYNV
  • Regulatory Model: SPEN-DEL-02
  • FCC ID: 2ABWESPEN-DL-E02 (link)
  • User Manual: The Dell Pen 771M Pen User Manual is also available here.
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