Fixed! Microsoft Edge Chromium not showing Bing Image of the Day (IOTD)

In my personal life, I use a Windows ARM Laptop running Chromium Edge. I’m a big fan of Chromium Edge, it’s a fast browser and since it syncs with my work laptops (x64) which makes life easier.

If you re-install Edge or setup a fresh installation of Windows, you may discover that Edge doesn’t show the Bing Daily Image also known as the Image of the Day (IOTD) when you start a new tab. I’ve worked out why this happens, the good news is you don’t need to do anything but wait – so here’s the fix.

For what it’s worth, the issue occurs on both Windows ARM and windows x86 x64.

Fix Instructions

This is perhaps the easiest thing to fix, ever, because you just wait 24-48 hours. It’s the default experience on a new install, this has also been confirmed to me by the Microsoft Edge Community Manager on twitter.

In one sense, it’s bug because if you’re using the Gears icon to customize the Edge start page on a fresh install it will look like it isn’t or won’t save. It does, you just don’t see anything for 24-48 hours. I have passed on that feedback to Microsoft, so hopefully they will fix it.

Just to be clear, it’s going to be an issue even if your profile has synced. So you just need to be patient and wait it out.


This 24-48 hour wait it out maps to my experience, You can see the new tab experience URL on a fresh install for yourself (even though it’s hidden in the address bar) if you click on the three dots in the top right “…” and select “Help and feedback” – “Send feedback”. In the dialogue that opens, you will see the URL you are reporting, the Microsoft Edge Chromium no Bing Daily Wallpaper Bug URL (for me) is:

I am guessing the switch below refers to a fresh install:

&fre=1 and PC=UC531

If you remove these switches from the URL and go to the page without them in Edge Chromium:

There’s no issue if you remove the fresh install switch. You can test it here but you have to be on Edge Chromium to see it.

For what it’s worth, the fresh install issue occurs on the Release and Beta channels. It’s also going to occur even if you successfully sync your profile. There’s also no way to force things to to fix earlier, as the switch isn’t (from what I can see) buried in some registry entry.

Edge Chromium IOTD Fix

So as fixes go it’s not really a fix you can do yourself, but wait for time to pass and it should self-correct after 24-48 hours.

If you’re experiencing the same issue and find it frustrating, I’d encourage you to report it as well via the Help and Feedback menu option.



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