2020.07.10 Last Week in Digital Media


Here’s your Last Week in Digital Media and all the news you may have missed:



  • PeacockTV launches this coming week, don’t forget there’s a free tier. This makes PeacockTV relatively unique in the streaming wars. Peacock promises ads will be limited at 5min per hour.



  • the #StopHateForProfit organizers met with Facebook, but the meeting did not go well, and the group restated their product recommendations.
  • for more insight into the meeting and the organizers, there is an excellent video interview on AdAge with the NAACP that is worth watching.
  • the organizers continue to call for the Facebook Ad boycott to go global.
  • Facebook published its 3rd Civil Rights Audit. The audit, which was conducted by a 3rd party, did acknowledge some of the work done by Facebook but was broadly critical of Facebook. The report doesn’t neatly summarize recommendations. Instead, the recommendations are woven throughout the document.
  • in regards to advertising, Chapter 5 of the report (PDF link) specifically covers advertising. It covers the risks of discriminatory advertising in specific categories (housing, employment) as well as the risk of algorithmic bias.
  • in a blog post that predated the release of the report, Sheryl Sandberg noted Facebook “won’t be making every change they call for,” and it’s not yet clear what recommendations will be adopted.



  • we’re almost 2 weeks into CCPA, and things have seemed relatively quiet, the Californian Attorney General did confirm on a recent panel that letters have been sent notices to companies believed to violate CCPA. The initial focus appears to be online only businesses with a focus on child protection, financial services, and healthcare.
  • TikTok published its first transparency report. There were 16MM videos removed in the US for violation of community terms in H2 2019. The report doesn’t break down violations by country but does state that 25% were removed for nudity and 24% for violating child safety. TikTok claims that 89% of videos were removed before receiving any views. At this stage, the TikTok report is not audited.
  • Non-profit group First Draft published an interesting series of pieces on how to define and understand misinformation and disinformation, or as they phrase it “Information Disorder.” It’s worth a read, especially to understand the different 7 types of Information Disorder. Separately, if you’re interested in the topic, there’s also a good paper out of Germany from 2018 that examines fake news.

Thanks for reading, and have a great week.


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