2020.05.29 Last Week in Digital Media


There’s a lot to reflect on and be said this week on so many levels, but in the context of this newsletter, the decision by Twitter to flag a tweet by President Trump with a fact check. In an attempt to keep this email focused and relatively-brief, I have published my detailed opinion on my personal website.

Now onto your Last Week in Digital Media.



  • Subscribers to Hulu’s ad-free tier have access to a beta test called “Watch Party” that lets users chat with each other on the Hulu website (no current app or smart device support) while sharing the viewing experience.
  • Comcast, Charter, and NBC have agreed to take equal ownership of Blockgraph, a blockchain-based solution for sharing aggregated and anonymized audience data.


  • Google has an experiment that uses AR to help visualize if you’re adhering to 6 foot (2m) social distancing. It is Android only and available here. Having tested it, it seems like something retailers and some brands could benefit from embedding in their own apps.



Stay safe and stay well.


PS. If you use Gmail, I randomly discovered due to an inadvertent key press that it has a confidential mode. You can learn more about how to use Gmail Confidential Mode here. And if you need a distraction of the week, Mark Rober’s build of a Squirrel Proof Feeder / American Ninja Squirrel Warrior course is worth watching.