2020.06.19 Last Week in Digital Media


Welcome to your Last Week in Digital Media.


  • Google’s Area 120 team has a new experiment called Keen. Using a combination of Machine Learning (ML) and human-curated content, it’s a Pinterest-like experience. Keen is available on the web and as an Android app.
  • for the remainder of June and into the first week of July, Vidcon will be hosting a free online version of Vidcon. This is a great way to get a feel for Vidcon if you haven’t been before or want to stay connected to the creator community. Sign up here.
  • twitter is rolling out the ability to do audio tweets (iOS only). Sticking with twitter tradition, the audio recordings are limited to 140seconds. Although you can thread twitter audio tweets.
  • Spotify has struck a multi-year deal with Warner-DC Comics to bring Super Hero (and Super Villain) themed podcasts to the platform. In other Spotify news, the Spotify ad studio now supports video ads.
  • YouTube is rebranding Famebit to YouTube Brand Connect. US-based creators with more than 25,000 subscribers will be able to sign up for Brand Connect directly in the YouTube Studio.
  • if you have ever wondered how TikTok’s recommendation algorithm works, the company shared a post with details. It’s one of the first times that I can recall, any platform publicly sharing how the algorithm works.





  • a recent poll from the Knight Foundation (PDF link) found that 65% of those surveyed favor people being able to express views on social platforms rather than restricting them, and about the same percent would prefer to keep S230 “as is.” The full report is detailed (42 pages) but worth a read.
  • Apple’s IDFA may be undergoing a substantial change. There are a few reports that Apple is looking to strictly limit how IDFA can be used and is now requiring app developers to clarify how they are currently using IDFA.
  • the Weather Company is seeking to have a Location Privacy lawsuit dismissed. At the heart of the complaint is that the company allegedly misled consumers that location data was only required for weather and not for packaged and sold for location-based advertising purposes.

There is a lot of discussion about Facebook; here’s the summary at the time of writing.

Have a safe week.


PS. The social responsibility platform that enables you to #DoGoodDoBusiness has started a campaign called #SeasonWithoutSwag. A purpose-led initiative for the holiday season that enables companies to show appreciation while supporting those in need. Something that’s even more critical this year. To learn more, please contact Givsly.