2020.09.18 Last Week in Digital Media


Here’s your Last Week in Digital Media.

It’s impossible to review the week without putting the TikTok updates first (it’s almost last week in TikTok). Here’s a breakdown of the key TikTok events as they played out during the week and into the weekend:


Now onto the other news that you may have missed.


  • TikTok now has 100MM users in Europe, and the company also published details about its transparency center.
  • YouTube is launching its take on TikTok with a short-form video offering called YouTube Shorts. It is being tested first in India.
  • AT&T is considering ad-subsidized cell phone plans. The company indicated this is about 1-2 years out from being real, and it’s possible the concept was merely floated to gauge reaction.
  • Google is experimenting with moving the Knowledge Panel in search results. It’s worth keeping an eye on how this develops (it’s a test for now), as it may adversely impact organic search performance as some organic results get pushed lower.
  • Apple announced new products and services during the week, including new subscription content and service bundles. The IPG Lab write up is the best place to get a download of what Apple’s updates mean for marketers.
  • Instagram is building an API to make it easier for businesses to communicate with customers via the platform. The news comes as Facebook announced Facebook Business Suite, which provides businesses with a unified messaging interface across Facebook and Instagram.
  • Facebook’s Oculus event, Facebook Connect, was held during the week. New hardware was announced, but the most interest focuses on Project Aria. Project Aria is Facebook’s take on AR-glasses, which is primarily a research project and not a consumer product.



  • MAGNA released its latest forecasts on the ad market. The summary is here, with digital being resilient and growing at +4.2% in an otherwise soft market.



Have a great week.


PS. If you need a distraction of the week and something light-hearted, check out these comedy wildlife photos.