2021.04.2 Last Week in Digital Media


Here’s your Last Week in Digital Media and all the news you may have missed.



  • rumors about Snap’s AR glasses wearable continue to gain momentum. It’s reported that the glasses would let people layer on lenses in the real world, are geared more towards creators, and could launch as soon as May of this year. Also rumored is a Snap drone.
  • the CEO of Niantic, makers of Pokemon Go, teased AR glasses in a tweet during the week. Adding Niantic to the list of companies moving into AR wearables.


  • eMarketer shared the latest research on US adults’ top social networks, with Facebook leading the rankings at 68%. Surprisingly, “none” came in at 16%.
  • app measurement firm, Sensor Tower, published data on US mobile in-app spending, with average US spending now US$138 (up 38%).
  • meanwhile, app analytics firm, App Annie, reported on the most downloaded apps worldwide (free registration required) with TikTok topping the charts but, overall, the Facebook family of apps dominating the list of most actively used apps.
  • MAGNA updated its forecast for the US ad market with advertising revenues forecast to increase 6.4% to US$240B. Digital advertising is expected to be 67% of total advertising sales.



  • YouTube is expanding the advertiser-friendly brand safety guidelines so that videos with moderate profanity, recreational drug use, as well as certain adult themes will be eligible for monetization.
  • Nick Clegg, Facebook’s VP of Global Affairs, penned a piece on Medium defending Facebook against criticism from documentaries like “The Social Dilemma” and attempted to illustrate how Facebook’s algorithm works.
  • Facebook released new tools, a “filter bar” to enable people to better control their Facebook News Feed, including who can comment on posts, the ability to tune interests, and increased transparency on why you may be seeing certain posts.
  • a coalition of adtech companies is proposing an alternative to FLoC (and Unified ID) called SWAN. SWAN, or Secure Web Addressability Network, attempts to create a coalition of websites where a user can consent to use their data across that network. SWAN is expected to launch in the US Summer.
  • as iOS 14.5 continues its public beta, it’s reported that Apple has started rejecting apps that attempt device fingerprinting. Demonstrating that Apple is more than serious about enforcing its new privacy rules.

Have a great week.


PS. A few distractions this week. Google’s experimental lab, Area 120, has released an Android-only app called “stack” to help you scan and automatically categorize receipts. CNN has a mini simulation where you can attempt to pilot a ship through part of the Suez Canal. And when you think you’re after a bad week, spare a thought for US Strategic Command who control, amongst many things, US missile defenses and sent this enigmatic tweet and apology during the week, received a friendly response from Canada, all of which was later revealed to a tweet from a child gaining access to an unlocked computer.

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