Recipe: Pressure Cooker Traditional Sunday Roast Pork works with InstaPot – Foodi – CrockPot

A traditional Sunday Roast Pork was an Australian tradition when I was growing up. Thanks to the wonders of pressure cooking, with an InstaPot, Food, or any other Pressure Cooker (personally, I use the CrockPot Express Oval), it’s easy to cook about a 3lb Pork Roast in an hour.


  • Pork Roast, at least 3lb
  • Salt (I recommend using this Bourbon Salt)
  • Ground Pepper
  • ~2 teaspoons Olive Oil
  • 1 Cup of Apple Juice

For sides, you can either cook mashed potatoes or roast vegetables separately in your oven. I like to serve the pork with roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes.


Make sure you trim any excess fat and that there is no skin on the pork. Unlike an oven, you won’t get crunchy pork crackling.

Seasoning the Pork

  1. Score the fatty side of the Pork in a criss-cross diagonal (hexagonal) pattern.
  2. On a cutting board (or kitchen counter) put down enough salt, pepper, etc. for taste. I then roll the pork, scored side first over the board, and make sure every side, including the ends, are seasoned.

Sear the Pork in the InstaPot / Pressure Cooker 

  1. Put ~2 teaspoons of Olive Oil in the pot.
  2. Set your pressure cooker to Saute.
  3. Now sear each side of the pork for ~3minutes per side. I sear the fattest side ~5 minutes, as it gives it a nice golden color. This step takes about 20minutes in total.
  4. Remove the Pork from the pressure cooker.

Cooking the Pork in the InstaPot / Pressure Cooker 

  1. Put the wire rack inside your pressure cooker.
  2. Add 1 cup of Apple Juice, I use shelf-stable Apple Juice (i.e. not freshly squeezed, etc).
  3. Put the Pork on the wire rack.
  4. Set the Pressure Cooker on High for 35minutes, put the lid on. Make sure all the steam valves are closed.
  5. Wait, for 3lb, I cook for 35min.
  6. Do a natural release of the steam, takes about 10mins.
  7. Remove the Pork
  8. Rest the Pork for ~5mins.

Carve and Enjoy!

Cooking time for Pork is 15minutes per pound. The internal temperature you need to reach is at least 145F (check with a digital thermometer).

Pork Temperature Guide

  • Medium Rare 145-150F
  • Medium 150-155F
  • Media Well 155-160F
  • Well 160F
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