Review: Ten Generations by Mark Lowcock

If you’re a friend or follower of this website, you know that my hobby is researching Lowcock family history. I even published a book about a relative who was a POW in World War II.

So I was a little excited when Sir Mark Lowcock, the Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, announced he had published a book called “Ten Generations: A Family Story of Rags to Riches”.

Ten Generations by Mark Lowcock - Book Cover

With proceeds from the book also going to worthwhile causes, I couldn’t resist picking up a copy. To be clear, I paid for my copy, do not know, nor have I ever spoken to Mark Lowcock, and have no evidence of us being related. I also paid for my copy of Ten Generations.

Now with that out of the way, here are my thoughts on Mark’s book “Ten Generations”.

Review: Ten Generations: A family story from rags to riches by Mark Lowcock

At over 200 pages, Mark traces his ancestors from ~1650’s through to the 1950s. The book is only available in the UK, so I had to order my copy of Ten Generations on Amazon. There is also no kindle version, so you’re going to have to opt for hardback or paperback (I chose the latter).

(more to come… still editing my notes)


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