2021.02.05 Last Week in Digital Media


Here’s your Last Week in Digital Media and all the news you may have missed.



  • Alphabet (including Google and YouTube) had a strong Q4 (PDF link). YouTube revenues were US$6.9B, Search US$31.9B,
  • the Q4 Spotify results showed that Spotify’s bets on podcasts are paying off, with ~25% of users engaging with a podcast. Total Month Active Users (MAU) grew to 345MM (ad-supported subs are ~200MM). If you’re interested, here’s a good chart that shows just how well Spotify is outperforming Apple Music.
  • the Pinterest Q4 results (PDF link) saw MAUs of 459MM. Ad revenue for Pinterest continues to grow, with the full year up 48% (US$1.69B).
  • Snap’s Q4 earnings slide presentation (PDF link) saw Q4 Daily Active Users (DAUs) of 265MM. Snap claims over 200MM engage with lenses every day, and Spotlight (their new TikTok-Esque video product) has grown to 100MM MAUs. Slide 8 of the Snap presentation is worth a look, as it shows that Snap’s user growth is coming from outside of North America and Europe.



Stay safe and have a great week.


PS. A distraction of the week. This website lets you relive NASA Apollo missions in real-time. You can join just before liftoff, switch between various audio and (where available) video feeds throughout the mission. If you don’t want to listen for days, you can also jump to key points in a mission, like moments before the moon landing.

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