Review: Time Twister by Ged Maybury

the Back Cover of Time Twister

Jason, his brother Troy and their sister Helena discover that they possess the gift of time travel. Through the Time Twister Video game, they learn that they can use their powers in carrying out an important mission which will prevent the wrong future from coming to pass — one that would endanger their father.

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my thoughts on Time Twister authored by Ged Maybury

I randomly got to thinking about the book “Time Twister” by New Zealand author Ged Maybury just the other day. I read it when I lived in Australia, and the book resonated with me, given it covers some of my favorite topics – video games, technology, and time travel.

Being a bit older these days and living in New York, I no longer have my original copy of the book. I didn’t even realize until recently that the author was from New Zealand, and maybe even the book was set there. In my foggy memory, it felt more like somewhere in the US.

I love a lot about “Time Twister.” The story still works today, and the theme of a malevolent techno-corporation intent on world domination resonates more so. And those streaming services looking for a great idea for a series, hello Netflix and Disney+, you couldn’t go wrong with a TV or movie production of “Time Twister.” It wouldn’t take a lot of work to update the story to the modern era. It would be great to have his blessing to write an updated version inspired by his work.

“Time Twister” seems to be out of print. I managed to track down a second-hand copy here in the US. “Time Twister” does pop up occasionally on eBay (Paperback ISBN 0908643365), but it’s a rare find. I found my second-hand copy of “Time Twister” on Amazon. Definitely worth picking up a copy no matter where you find it.

The author of “Time Twister,” Ged Maybury is on the internet and still writing; his official site is here. He defines himself as an “almost famous author,” but if after more than a few years (ha!) I still fondly remember his book; I would say that it does make him famous.

If you are interested, Maybury’s more recent books are available on Kobo.

Spoiler Alert

My favorite part of “Time Twister,” which made me reflect on the story, is there are male and female characters called “Yos,” which is later revealed to be “Your Older Self.” The main characters, Jason, Helena, and Troy, are helped or guided by an older version of themselves. I think all of us would appreciate some guidance from our older selves. Preferably without the urgency and pressure of having to save my father and the world from harm… but I’ll take whatever advice I can get.




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