Known Senders of Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) aka SPAM

If you don’t read the FAQ and send me an email asking for backlinks or spam me, this is where your email is posted publicly.

I have a very broad definition of spam, which is as follows:

  • pretending you think an article is “good” and my readers may “like it” or “may find it interesting” or I should “link to it” is a backlink request (unless you offer to pay). This includes asking to write for the website, publish a guest post, etc.
  • offering SEO services, app development, website development, or similar.
  • where it’s clear that you have poorly scraped data from another service, or it’s more than likely you bought my email address from some database (or may have obtained my details inappropriately)
  • if it’s abundantly clear, you have no idea what I do, and it’s a broad generic sales pitch where the only effort you have put into it is merging in my email address and name (and sometimes not even that).
  • proposals or pitches to sell me data that it’s clear you’re scraping, stealing, or obtaining through borderline inappropriate means that will get you added to this list.
  • emailing me on my personal email when it’s business or work-related counts as spam. This also includes using the contact form for business purposes. If you want to talk about something work-related, use Linked In.
  • emailing me at one company about another company I may (or may not) be associated with counts as spam and will get you permanently blocked at both companies.
  • sending sales emails marked as urgent, multiple emails on the same day, and sales or marketing emails with read receipts (I block read receipts but also identify who asks for them).
  • a sales pitch where you end it with “or direct me to the right person” or “I was browsing your Linked In profile, and I thought.”
  • a “schedule time with me now using this link.”

Any of the above behaviors will earn your email a place on this wall of shame. If you want your email removed, evidence that you have made a US$250 or equivalent donation to a reputable charity is the ONLY way to delete your name.

For those who land on this page searching for an email address to see if it’s legitimate, if the email is below, you were spammed, and the email can be safely ignored.

A list of people known to send spam emails (or similar).

List of Spam Email Addresses



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