Contact FAQs

Thanks for reading this page, here’s some helpful advice before you contact me.

I don’t sell Lowcock’s Lemonade and I can’t help you find it or the recipe. I am no relation to the product(s). I only started the page as several friends from the UK told me about Lowcock’s Lemonade which led to my research.

If you have photos of Lowcock’s Lemonade memorabilia, stories, etc. I am happy to post them on the site. That also holds true for anything else related to the Lowcock surname.

No, I am not interested in buying any artwork from CF Lowcock. I am no relation and not an art collector. I also can’t help with appraising his artwork. Please do not ask, this is a non-negotiable position. You can contact me via the form with information about CF Lowcock just don’t try to sell me his paintings, prints, art.

No, I cannot delete or help you delete your website from the Internet Archive. I don’t work there.

Please feel free to link to any page on this site. You don’t have to contact me first, but I do like it when people let me know. I sometimes have content I have not yet posted, so your emails motivate me to update pages.

I really do enjoy hearing from people who know something or share trivia about Lowcock related products. It’s one of the highlights of sharing this on the web. It also makes me smile when people just say thanks as they relive memories about a product. It’s always nice to feel appreciated.

If your email is business-related, I prefer to be contacted by Linked In.

Thanks for reading and if you still want to contact me – click here.