2020.03.13 Last Week in Digital Media


Here’s your Last Week in Digital Media.


  • the 2020 New Fronts will be streamed, and there is a lot of detail on the IAB website about the plans. The New Fronts joins several other events that will be streamed over the coming weeks.
  • reddit is introducing a new ad product called “trending takeover” with Spotify an early beta tester of the ad product. reddit’s trending takeover works similar to promoted trends on twitter. reddit has processes in place to ensure that trends that appear alongside trending takeovers are brand safe.
  • twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, has come to an agreement with the activist investors seeking his removal. There’s a detailed press release from twitter (PDF link) outlining the agreement. Details include appointing 2 new board members, a share buy-back, and a CEO succession plan.
  • NBC Universal sold its US$500MM stake in Snapchat. Despite the sale, NBCU claims it is still committed to the partnership including content for the Tokyo Olympics.
  • VoxMedia and Google (via the Google News initiative) have launched an ad network called “Concert Local” focused on local digital advertising. The network includes non-Vox Media publishing partners such as Hearst.



  • ComScore and twitch have struck a deal on eSports measurement. The agreement is for the US and Canada only (for now) and will provide third party insights into the twitch audience.


  • Magic Leap, a company that has spoken of as leader in the development of virtual and augmented reality is reportedly for sale. Facebook and Johnson & Johnson have been mentioned as potential suitors, although both declined to comment to the media.
  • according to the source code of Apple iOS 14, there will be new Augmented Reality (AR) capability. Codenamed “Gobi” it will have the ability to integrate with other apps via an API, with AR experiences triggered by marker tags. A suggested use case is improving the retail experience and allegedly trials are already underway at Starbucks.



That’s all for this week, please be safe and take care of yourself, your family, and your community. We’re all in this together.


PS. Amongst all of the concerns in the world right now, a distraction is needed. Here’s a video of an invisible Rube Goldberg machine that is genuinely impressive.