2020.03.20 Last Week in Digital Media


I hope this finds you, your loved ones, and your community all safe and well. I plan to continue Last Week in Digital Media as there’s still a lot of news out there that is easy to miss.



  • Nielsen is seeing an increase in TV viewing as more people work from home and/or are forced to stay indoors. Nielsen predicts a 60% rise in TV consumption.
  • online gaming and eSports are expected to rise during this time, with Steam (and online gaming store/platform) seeing a record peak of 20MM users.
  • foursquare has shared some data on foot traffic trends. The trends are as expected, as social distancing becomes the norm.
  • online challenges and games within apps like Snapchat and TikTok seem to be resonating well (if executed with sensitivity). If your or clients need help with ideation or creative, please let me know and I can connect you to potential partners.

INDUSTRY EVENTS (now streamed)

With all platform developer events canceled and moved to a virtual or streamed experience, here’s where to go to sign up or stay updated.



More than a few of you have reached out, asking for insights or resources on how businesses should respond. These public resources may prove useful.

Please take care and be kind to yourself and others.

Stay safe.


PS. Some distractions, this YouTube supercut of a dog that just loves to jump into piles of leaves made me smile. If you’re more of a cat person, these cats with domino are cool. If you’re looking for a good educational video site for kids (and the young at heart), I’m a fan of The Kid Should See This.