2020.06.28 Last Week in Digital Media


Welcome to your Last Week in Digital Media.




  • Instagram shared updated program requirements for the Instagram eCommerce program. Effective July 9, the updates include revised integrity checks and onboarding requirements.



There’s a lot of news about the calls to pause Facebook advertising in July. I will be treating this as a separate section of the newsletter for the moment.

  • The NAACP and ADL, who are the primary organizers of the #StopHateForProfit movement, have an official website, as well as a detailed list of Facebook product recommendations.
  • The ADL has reportedly sent letters to advertisers, and they also published it as an open letter.
  • In a separate post, the ADL published a list of advertisers appear next to hate groups to provide evidence of their claims that Facebook is profiting from hate. The ads in question are those found in the Facebook desktop experience in the right-hand column.
  • Throughout the week, several US and international companies confirmed participation in the pause. Some even extending the pause globally and to all social media. If you’re after a list of all participants, the organizers are now maintaining a list of participants here.
  • In an online Cannes event speech, P&G Chief Brand Officer, Marc Pritchard, has indicated they are not joining the Facebook pause and are reviewing all partners against a range of criteria.
  • Mark Zuckerberg made part of a company town hall public (transcript here) and outlined some new policies. There were four (4) changes announced 1. Authoritative Voting Information during the Pandemic; 2. Additional Steps to Fight Voter Suppression; 3. Creating a Higher Standard for Hateful Content in Ads; 4. Labeling Newsworthy Content (for content that violates policy but remains on the platform).
  • #StopHateForProfit were not receptive to Zuckerberg’s update, publishing a detailed response and additional concerns.
  • Independent research group AVAAZ published details of their research into hate groups on Facebook. The Washington Post has a report on the AVAAZ research, which is worth a read to understand the issue.
  • Late Saturday, one of the movement partners, Common Sense Media, indicated plans to take the Facebook pause global.


  • there are multiple reports that the DOJ investigation in Google continues to accelerate with a case memo being drafted to test potential legal arguments.
  • Germany’s top court has ruled against Facebook, specifically in the area of combining Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp data. The court ruled that Facebook will require explicit consent before merging data. The case is ongoing.


Thanks for reading and have a safe week.