2021.04.16 Last Week in Digital Media


Welcome to your Last Week in Digital Media and all the news you may have missed:


  • Roku has closed their acquisition of Nielsen’s Advanced Video Advertising business, including Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) and Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) capability. Roku also added several partners to its measurement partner program, including Adjust, Affinity Solutions, IRI, and, Kochava.
  • the pitch deck of TikTok has leaked (paywall). The deck includes specifics on the TikTok audience (42% 18-24), average daily usage (89 minutes), and the platform’s ability to drive commerce (47% have bought something they saw on TikTok). If you’re after something more public, TikTok did share the results of a TikTok-Kantar study about advertising on the platform.
  • Spotify’s in-car device, called “Car Thing,” is now real. Available on a waitlist and as a limited release, the single-purpose device is currently free for subscribers (if you’re fortunate enough to be accepted). You can join the waitlist here. Spotify does suggest that the retail price will be $79.99. If you can’t wait, I found the user manual and box artwork in the FCC database and was able to see the Car Thing pairing experience.
  • in his final letter to shareholders, the outgoing CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, shared that the company has 200MM Amazon Prime subscribers (PDF link). However, perhaps the most interesting thing is that the letter includes a reprint of the 1997 shareholder letter, and it’s notable how many companies that Amazon struck a partnership with a no more.
  • Verizon shared its proposed alternative to cookies and mobile device IDs. Positioned as the “Next Gen Solutions Suite,” it is built off the back of Verizon’s ConnectID offering. In other Verizon news, the company also announced a Hyper Precision Location (HPL) product that enables accuracy as fine as 1-2cm.



Have a great week.


PS. There may be no newsletter next week. As a distraction, Poland has, potentially sentient, escaped croissants impersonating wildlife. So be alert. Also, please make sure you help out the FCC who are trying to benchmark US broadband speeds. There are apps for iOS and Android.

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