2021.06.25 Last Week in Digital Media


Welcome to your Last Week in Digital Media. Before the general news, the big news comes from Google.

Google has decided to delay the phase-out of 3rd party cookies at least until 2023. This extends the life of 3rd party cookies by two (2) years, along with a 90-day phase-out period as agreed by Google with the UK competition regulator.

Google’s decision is not surprising given all of the headwinds facing the FLoC/Privacy Sandbox proposals (antitrust, privacy, security, publisher opt-outs). The delay doesn’t mean 3rd party cookies will be around forever, but it does buy the industry more time to come up with an alternative.

It’s also worth keeping in mind there are still separate issues resulting from Apple’s various iOS 14.5+ changes, with more to come in iOS 15 remain. So with or without Google delays, a replacement for 3rd party cookies and Mobile Advertising IDs (MAIDs) is needed.

In short, all of this doesn’t change the inevitable. The industry must adapt to a future without 3rd party cookies and Mobile Advertising IDs (MAIDs), one that is more privacy-centric and respects privacy regulations and the public.

Now onto the other news…




  • the privacy-focused Brave browser now has a beta of a privacy-focused search engine. Brave Search promises to be more transparent and proposes that it will have community-curated open ranking models. Brave Search also runs on its own index, not relying on Google or Bing.
  • Google is testing a warning label in search results if the query is for a topic where there is little information, the facts and changing, and the sources may not be that reliable. It stops short of actually labeling a site in the results as being unreliable.

Have a great week.


PS. The distraction of the week is this Ocean Noise Generator. Visit it on desktop and make a mix of ocean and beach sounds to get you in the mood for summer. It’s also perfect for ambient background noise when you need to focus.

PPS. A reminder, as shared back in May, next week will be the final issue of Last Week in Digital Media.

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