2016.02.26 Last Week in Digital Media

Like so many of you, I was overcome with emotions this week, or what one day medical professionals will call the 6 emotional stages of social media ?❤️???? (Like, Love, HaHa, Wow, Sad and Angry). Yes, after over a year of pilot testing, Facebook has launched “Reactions“.

What reactions means for advertisers is not as immediately subtle as you would expect. Right now, the Facebook algorithm treats any reaction the same, which means a person will see more of that content (even if it makes them angry or sad).

The most immediate way for our clients to use reactions is to engage with individual customers based on a specific reaction (especially if Facebook is a customer service channel). As an agency, we should be using reactions to better understand how audiences are engaging with both social and media content on Facebook. Expect Facebook to provide better tools for marketing in and around the various emotions in reactions over the coming months.

There was big news from Google this week. Google announced it was getting rid of right rail search ads. Alongside this change, Google is also increasing the number of ads shown at the top of results from 3 to 4. All of which points to a future of more expensive keywords and even greater need to focus on improving your SEM bid strategy and SEO. Please make sure you reach out to the reprise search leads on your account to understand what this change means for your brands.

The last bit of big news this week comes from Snapchat. Snapchat is now extending sponsored geofilters to anyone (yes, you can now buy a filter for our office). The on demand geofilters start as low as $5 and you can get started here. This is a very smart move by Snapchat. Just the same way Google put search marketing in the hands of everyone. putting geofilters out for everyone will really move Snapchat closer to being a mainstream marketing platform. This is also helped by Snapchat’s announcement this week that they would use Nielsen as their standard measure for advertising.