2018.05.25 Last Week in Digital Media

Here’s the digital media news from last week:



  • Fortnite continues to gain momentum and that looks set to continue, with Epic Games (the developer) announcing a $100M prize pool for the Fortnite competitive season. More details to come, but it is the biggest total prize pool to be ever offered in eSports.


Trust, Safety & Transparency

  • Update: Last week I wrote about the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) global media charter principles but neglected to include the link to the charter (thanks to everyone who noticed and asked). Here’s a link to the charter.
  • Zuckerberg appeared before European Parliament as part of the ongoing Cambridge-Analytica apology tour. Very little new information came to light. If you’re interested, Zuckerberg’s prepared remarks are here.
  • This is something you really need to be aware of, Facebook’s new rules for ads with political content– which impacts even non-candidate advertising. The new verification and disclosure rules (manual full verification of who is the advertiser and ability to see advertiser, spend and targeting for up to 7 years) applies for ads that cover “National issues of public importance“. This includes topics many clients could advertise about in the course of business e.g. health, energy, education, military or values. It’s really important you speak to your Facebook client lead to understand the impact this will have on your Facebook media.
  • Apple is making a new tool available so that you can see what data the company has collected about you. The full Apple privacy tool is currently only available to people in the EU but will roll out to the rest of the world in the coming months.

Hope you had a safe Memorial Day weekend.


PS. Fun distraction, if you want to learn AI. The University of Helsinki offers an interesting, fun and free online course called the Elements of AI.