2018.07.20 Last Week in Digital Media

In case you missed it 😊 🌎 😀 ☀️ or Happy World Emoji Day!  Over 150 new emoji will be coming this year, you can check them out here. Of course, there was bigger news than emoji’s, so here’s all the news you may have missed.



  • Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and twitter have launched the Data Transfer Project to enable users to readily download/transfer their data from one service/platform to another (a form of social media data portability). This may encourage people to try new services but also makes it easier for people to move completely if dissatisfied. Not yet live in an easy-to-use way (you need to be technically inclined), the service will also be open to companies outside the original foundational members.
  • Salesforce has entered into an agreement to acquire Datorama. The purchase price is around $800MM and will see Datorama integrated into the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.



  • Turner is looking to expand their ELeague with more tournaments planned to take advantage of growing advertiser demand, this includes a focus on creating more behind-the-scenes video content as interest in players (not just the gameplay) ramps up. Turner also revealed that their Counter-Strike GO final in January peaked at 1.1M streams.

Brand Safety, Trust, and Transparency

Have a wonderful week and don’t forget to stream the Overwatch League finals next weekend!


PS. Two (2) distractions of the week this week!

  1. Linked In has a fantastic new virtual business card / QR code scanning feature. It’s hidden away but does away with the need for business cards in every meeting (assuming you want to connect on Linked In).
  2. Something fun for your summer road trip, this web app will read details about Points of Interest you’re passing based on information from Wikipedia.